With 2016 already gone (boy, bye!), it’s time to embrace the new year by upgrading our beauty game. While 2016 did bring us stellar beauty looks that we’ll continue to use *way* into this year (lookin’ at you, glitter strobing), 2017 is already winning us over with some standout trends. Glitter freckles, believe it or not, are making waves across the Insta-verse with their show-stopping faux take on a natural beauty trend. Take your Friday night to the next level by using your favorite glitter makeup and patting it across the bridge of your nose and cheeks for an OTT look that’s gorgeous and hard to ignore. Ready to start 2017 off on the right foot? Explore all your glitter freckle options, below.

1. Rainbow Stars: Give your bare face a bit of sparkle with this colorful spectrum of glitter. This faux-freckle look is a must for a night out with the girls.

2. Disco Fever: Wowza! While this look would have been perfect for NYE, we say take your Friday night look up a notch with this DDG style.

3. White Noise: Want to make your tan stand out? Cover your face with white freckles and a bold blue lip.

4. Boys Club: Who says girls can have all the fun? Add stars and glitter right underneath your eyes for a glitter takeover that’s hard to ignore.

5. Confetti: Get ready to upgrade your bday beauty with this confetti complexion. Pat on some confetti over the bridge of your nose and cheeks for a fun-filled look that’s subtle and sweet.

6. Geometric: Hello, Gorgeous! Let your coral eye game shine by pairing it with geometric gold flake freckles. This look is seriously too good to be true.

7. Rock and Roll: Bring out your inner rocker chic with this mega babe style. Pro tip: Keep the glitter minimal to balance out this look when paired with a bold lip and fierce cat eye.

8. Fairy Magic: Who needs eyeshadow when you can deck out your eyes with faux gold freckles? Add a bold pink blush and rose-colored lip to complement the gold flakes.

9. Water Droplets: When you’re looking for a more monochromatic look, give this style a try. These faux freckles are really great for beauties with blue eyes who are looking to make them pop.

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