We’ve seen a lot of engagement photos in our day. We’ve seen a lot of wedding photos in our day. We’ve also seen a LOT of GIFs in our day (especially animal GIFs). We’re incredibly excited about the latest trend in couples photography. We’re talking GIFs — and Michigan-based photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett is the master. Check out a sampling of his beautiful stop motion-like pictures and you’ll be as smitten as we are.

There are clearly some other GIF-appropriate occasions other than engagement and wedding photos. We’d love to see some animated baby announcements, birthday invitations, craft projects, travel memories and more animals. Never enough animals. Always more animals.

We love the DIY possibilities here! If you’re interested in creating your own animated GIF, ask your photographer to take a rapid series of still shots — or take them yourself, with a tripod and a remote clicker. Depending on your artistic direction with this, you might want your surroundings to remain still while you move (like the awesome twirling or running GIFs).

Another approach would be to remain completely still while your surroundings move, like in the beach waves GIFs or moving train station shots. Whatever you decide, once you have your set of photos ready, you can marry them together in Photoshop or through a few free GIF programs as well. You can also check out our post on 5 Ways to Make an Animated GIF! :)

Excuse us now, we’ll be making a few thousand GIFs of our own. Have any brilliant ideas?