We know what you鈥檙e thinking. Wedding GIFs?! You don鈥檛 want the聽silly clips聽floating around on the Internet and in all of your group emails anywhere near your Big Day. But wait! You can actually MAKE YOUR OWN gorgeous, romantic GIFs that will be just as shareable to you as your wedding album. From glitter and balloons to flowy hair and magical moments, get inspired for your own wedding GIF with our 12 favorites.

1. Wind in the Dress: Capture the movement of your veil or dress with a GIF where only one section moves. (via JLB Wedding)

2.聽Peaceful Moment: How romantic is this little moment caught during a hectic day? (via聽JLB Wedding)

3.聽First Dance: Relive that first magical moment where it was only the two of you dancing. (via聽Isaiah Takahashi)

4.聽Get The Swirl: A still photo just wouldn鈥檛 fully capture the joy of this couple swirling. (via聽JLB Wedding)

5.聽Jump for Joy: A GIF takes any silly poses to a fun new level. (via聽Jessica Bosse)

6.聽Weightlessness Effect: Quirky and creative, this couple looks like they are walking on air. (via聽JLB Wedding)

7. Letting Go: Playing with props gets way more interesting and beautiful in GIF form. (via Kaylee Koenig)

8.聽Get Silly: You don鈥檛 want to fill up your photo album with goofy faces, but why not compile them all into an awesome video reel?! (via聽Up Imagery)

9.聽Embrace Your Surroundings: Who knew an elevator could look so romantic and mysterious? Apparently this clever couple. We also love how this captures a piece of the venue that you wouldn鈥檛 normally spotlight. (via聽Crystal Madsen)

10.聽Pom Poms Down the Aisle: If you鈥檝e spent enough time on Brit.co, then you might know that our Creative Director聽Anj聽has a serious obsession with pom poms. She loves them so much that she and her husband David made thousands to be tossed in the air as they walked down the aisle after saying their 鈥淚 dos鈥! (via聽Brit + Co)

11.聽From a Distance: Even though it鈥檚 far off, this photo is simply incredible in its simplicity. (via聽JLB Wedding)

12.聽Right Round: It鈥檚 obvious in this photo this couple only has eyes for each other. (via聽Huffington Post)

Would you use GIFs in your wedding photos? Let us know in the comments below!