Rain, rain… bring it on. We’ve found some futuristic rain gear that has us rethinking the raincoats, galoshes and even the reallyfancyumbrellas. Designer Anne van Galen has taken rainy day fashion to new heights with silicone garments and accessories for a rainy world.

Van Galen’s project “Warriors of Downpour City” was created for an imaginary world where it rains solid for an entire season, but for many cities all over the world, this is close to a current reality.

While van Galen’s work was created for a fictional world, it was very much based on the one we live in today. To create her collection, she observed the way we walk and move in the rain. She’s designed these pieces to remedy our in-the-rain posture. Look at how the models don’t hang their heads like the sky is falling.

On her website, van Galen talks about how people use plastic bags or other means to stay dry in a sudden downpour. Her pieces actually remind us of that, only these are like the classiest, most avant garde plastic bags ever.

Sure, the collection isn’t meant to be ready-to-wear this winter, but we think this is the start of our separation from the umbrella and our adoption of some cutting-edge rainy day fashion that’s anything but soggy.

What’s your go-to #OOTD for a rainy day? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t PSFK)