Do you know a creative dude that’s always surprising you and making you smile? Whether that’s your brother, significant other, or pal this guide is all about impressing him with with your gift-giving skills. Here are 12 presents to consider for the imaginative fellas in your life.

1. Pencil ($50): You may have already seen us gushing over Pencil, but it’s too good not to consider as a gift for the creative gentleman. It’s a digital stylus crafted to feel more like an analog writing utensil and pairs with the popular iPad app Paper.

2. Orange & Park Scout Series Notepads ($14): I have a notepad addiction, but I’m still crushing on these new travel-themed ones from Orange & Park. He’ll be so primed to jot down ideas, lists, and drawings or wax poetic about how amazing you are.

3. The Mindful Art Subscription ($35-$95): Receive a new piece of letterpress art in the mail for the next six or twelve months. It can also be paired with a frame made from wood reclaimed from abandoned buildings in Detroit. The cool part is that each piece of art is actually a card that comes with an envelope to send to a friend if and when you feel like it.

4. STACK Independent Magazine Subscription ($50): Print never died, we’re just more selective about what’s fit to print. There are still many beautiful indie mags out there and this curated subscription service will get you a random one every month. He’ll think of you every time one of these lands in his mailbox.

5. Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit ($40): Creative dudes appreciate a good beer not only because they read this article on how it might support creativity, but because it’s a very fulfilling craft to master. These beer making kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop let you become a brewmaster even if you’re limited to small kitchen spaces.

6. Creative T-Shirts ($20-$32): Guys can never have enough t-shirts and that’s not just because their girlfriends are stealing the most comfy ones. For some creativity themed shirts try Holiday Matinee. Jet-setters might enjoy tees designed like airport luggage tags from Pilot & Captain.

7. DIY Print Shop T-Shirt Kit ($200): Is he more DIY than that and looking for a creative challenge? This kit is everything one needs to screen print t-shirts at home safely.

8. ONA Bowery Bag ($119): Have a pal with a healthy appetite for adventure? This stylish camera bag comes with a divider so he can be ready the next time wanderlust strikes.

9. Grove Custom Case ($119): A customizable maple wood case for the iPhone 5/5S. Since it takes up to 2 weeks for production and he’ll want to choose exactly what photo is printed on the back, this one might best be done as a gift card.

10. Projecteo ($35): A teensy Instagram projector that showcases your Instagram photos on miniature reels. Fill the reel with photos of you spending time together or buy as a gift card so that he can link up his Instagram account and choose his favorite images.

11. Plants by The Sill ($38 and up): Houseplants might not be foremost on a guy’s mind, but they’re nice to look at, clean our air and might even improve our focus. Plus, The Sill has made houseplants sexy with its attention to detail, handwritten notes and fridge magnets on how to care for the plants.

12. Rdio ($10 and up): It’s probably not the first service you think of when it comes to a gift certificate, but if you want to stoke his creative sensitivities, try a gift card from Rdio (the best designed music streaming service out there). He’ll enjoy months of discovering new music and credit to download the songs he jams out to the most. And if you need something physical, why not pair it with an award certificate?

What do you think? Got any more to add to the list and make gift giving a little easier? Let’s hear it in the comments below.