pizza toppings, strawberry pizza

Having given up meat pretty recently (and feeling real good about it, tbh), I find myself on the constant lookout for new and delicious foods that will keep my diet adventurous and satisfying. Pizza is a personal fave, and a cheese slice is pretty much the perfect food — but pizza toppings just make pizza more interesting, and a veggie girl can only eat so many mushrooms. So I shook it up with these five unusual ingredients, and I highly recommend you do, too. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Strawberries: My first reaction was, “say what?” My second was, “Gimme more!” Why? For one, I’m a sucker for a sweet-and-savory combo. Secondly, strawberries are so juicy, they just add to the lusciousness of a freshly made slice. And finally: Vitamin C! It’s great for your skin and your immune system, and you can’t say that about a plain ol’ pie. Look, mom: pizza is healthy!

2. Jalapeno Poppers: I’m a notorious lover of jalapeno-infused liquor, so putting hot peppers on my pizza seemed like a natural extension. Lone jalapenos are a simple way to add a quick kick — but taking those frozen jalapeno poppers from you freezer, topping your takeout with them, and heating up your slice in the oven? Now that brillz. Give it a try and tell me otherwise.

3. Sunnyside-Up Eggs: There are two types of people in the world: those who love a runny egg yolk, and those who are repelled by it. As an appreciator of the egg in all its forms, I not only love the look of a perfectly fried egg on top of my pizza, but I also adore the way the way the mild yolk flavor and texture blends into the cheesy goodness. You might want to skip the tomato sauce on an egg-topped slice. It just complicates things.

4. Hummus + Beets: Ok, these are technically two toppings. But this combo upstages cheese and tomato sauce in a way that pleases your palate and is nutrient-rich and low in fat. That’s a makeover we can get on board with.

5. French Fries: Because, obviously. I mean, French fries. Salty and sweet, you slay me.

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