These days we are really into sweet with salty. Chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, anyone? Yes. Every single time. As sweet ‘n’ salty lovers, we are super excited about Stephanie Izard’s recipe for Crunchy Fried-Style Ice Cream. Together with LAY’S® Wavy chips, we’re introducing you to your new favorite indulgence. Serve this on a hot summer day or as a dessert at your next dinner party. We’ll bet you an extra scoop of ice cream you’ll get a standing ovation.


Grab your ice cream scoop and let’s do this thing.



– 1/4 cup butter

– 1/2 cup light brown sugar

– 1/3 cup heavy cream

– pinch of salt

– 4 scoops of your favorite ice cream

– 2 cups LAY’S® Wavy Original Potato Chips, crushed

– Brown Butter Topping (see recipe below)

Brown Butter Topping

There’s really nothing better than brown butter sauce. Except maybe brown butter sauce on top of ice cream :)

 1. In a small pot, lightly brown butter to a golden color.

2. Add brown sugar and a pinch of salt, and whisk until you have a thick gooey consistency. Allow this to cook on low for 5 minutes.

3. Remove from heat and add heavy cream. Whisk until fully incorporated.


Add the butter to a small sauce pan and cook it until slightly browned. Don’t overcook or the sugar won’t incorporate. Add sugar and salt, and whisk until it’s nice and gooey. Let the mixture cook for five minutes on low.


Remove the pan from the heat. Add cream and then whisk to combine.

Crunchy Ice Cream

Time for ice cream.


1. Crush LAY’S® Wavy Original Potato Chips to a texture like rolled oats.

2. With clean hands, roll your scooped ice cream through the crushed chips.

3. Place in a bowl and drizzle with brown butter topping.


Put LAY’S® Wavy Original Potato Chips into a baking dish and crush them with a small cup until they’re the size of rolled oats.


We recommend that you scoop your ice cream and then stick it back into the freezer so it’s not melting at all. When it’s nice and frozen, roll your ice cream through the chips, pressing them into the ball of ice cream.


Place your ice cream in a bowl and drizzle with sauce.


So decadent. We dairy you to say otherwise :)


The crunchiness of the LAY’S® Wavy Original Potato Chips on the ice cream is so good! It’s similar to a cone, but the chips add that saltiness we adore, and eating out of a bowl is much easier than a messy cone.

What are your favorite ice cream toppings? We want to hear in the comments!

This post is a collaboration with LAY’S® Wavy.