You know what’s great about being an adult? The fact that if you want snack food for dinner, you can have it. We all have those days where we just want to get home, slip into our jams, and curl up with a platter of nachos or taquitos while getting lost in our fave shows. And hey, why not: Allowing ourselves to do this once in a while is totally part of that whole “self care” thing, right? The next time you need to plop down and dig into a delicious snack-food dinner, consider one (or all) of these 12 elaborate recipes that boost your usual sweet potato fries.

the endless meal

1. Loaded Food Truck Mexican Nacho Fries: Nacho platters have nothing on this dressed-up mountain of sweet potato goodness. (via The Endless Meal)

with food and love

2. Loaded Sweet Potato Fries With Crispy Beans and Garlic Tahini Cream: Sure, these nom-worthy fries make for a fab shareable snack, but to heck with that. Keep the entire bowl to yourself and gobble it up for dinner. (via With Food and Love)

cooking for keeps

3. Brie and Brown Sugar Bacon Sweet Potato Fries: Gooey and melty Brie brings an elegant twist to the side dish. If a blend of sweet, savory, and spicy is what you crave, consider this tray of fries a dream come true. (via Cooking for Keeps)

wilde flavors

4. Loaded Asian Sweet Potato Fries With Pickled Carrot and Chili Garlic Sauce: Fries are considered a finger food, but you’re going to want to bust out a knife and fork for these bad boys. Topped with everything from teriyaki ground beef to flavored mayo, this meal is messy and tasty AF. (via Wilde Flavors)

40 aprons

5. Whole30 Loaded Sweet Potato Fries: If you’re hooked on the popular eating regimen but have a hankering for a solid treat, we’ve got fries for that. This loaded (and we mean LOADED) sweet potato plate is toppled with Whole30-approved goodies. (via 40 Aprons)

pinch of yum

6. Loaded Mediterranean Street Cart Fries: This blissful chaos-on-a-plate is made with love and inspired by Greek salad, loaded nachos, and chili cheese fries. Sometimes you just have to take all the things you love and enjoy them in the same moment. (via Pinch of Yum)

paleo gluten free eats

7. Extra Crispy Garlic Lime Sweet Potato Fries: Sometimes things are best enjoyed in their simplest forms, and these lovely frites are a prime example. Thanks to some refreshing lime zest and tasty baked garlic, your desire to bury these fries under excessive condiments will be curbed. (via Paleo Gluten Free)

eat love eats

8. Loaded Sweet Potato Fries With Quick Smokey Beans: Fries get a protein punch with eggs and haricot beans. (via Eat Love Eat)

kelley and cricket

9. Caramelized Kimchi Fries: If you’re a sucker for spicy kimchi like the rest of us, you need these sweet potato fries in your life, stat. They’re GF, vegan-friendly, and done in a whopping 15 minutes. Hello, lazy weeknight. (via Kelley and Cricket)

paleo running momma

10. Loaded Chili Sweet Potato Fries: This recipe lets you enjoy chili fries on a *whole* new level (and a healthy one, at that). When you top your fries with a Paleo ranch sauce and a runny egg, there isn’t even a need for cheese. (via Paleo Running Momma)

nitritionist meets chef

11. Spicy Sweet Potato Fries With Sriracha Sauerkraut: The best thing about throwing together a pile of loaded sweet potato fries is how creative you can get. Hot sauce lovers, brace yourselves: This recipe brings a creamy Sriracha slaw to your plate. (via Nutritionist Meets Chef)

wry toast east

12. Baked Chipotle Queso Sweet Potato Fries: This recipe has “treat yourself” written all over it! If you’re planning a quiet movie night in, allow this gorgeous pile of noms to be your dinner. (via Wry Toast)

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