For design-devotees, the feature wall in our home is nothing new. We’ve been adding that burst of visual interest to our spaces for years, through collections of gallery-wall frames or bold paint. But imagine if you could capture thatplace — the one that feels most magical to you — and you could turn that feeling into art to hang on your most prominent wall. Yasss, right? Enter Point Two Design, a firm of travel-loving designers that have been creating stylish map-art for years, but have now brought to market a wow-worthy line of wallpaper inspired by major cities.


The company creates large-scale and custom map wallpaper in your choice of city, color palette, size and scale.

Cape Town

For apartment dwellers (and those that have been scared by bad wallpaper experiences in the past), there’s good news. The company offers two styles of wallpaper: a permanent suede finish and a not-so-permanent peel-and-stick vinyl version that can be easily removed. Both options are a surprisingly affordable $9 per square foot.


Owen de Lancie, co-founder and CEO of Point Two Design, says its no surprise maps make for amazing decor: “Geography and maps are inherently something which people gravitate toward, [because] they entice exploration. Our customers love to get up close to our maps and trace out their neighborhoods or their favorite landmarks.”


And even if you hail from the smallest of small towns, don’t worry. De Lancie says, “We have, over the years, created a system that allows us to mine the data from nearly every corner of the globe and use that to create maps not only of famous major cities but smaller towns and neighborhoods many of us have never heard of, but to some are near and dear.” All wallpapers are made-to-order and custom designed to your exact requirements by the map designers.

Feeling stuck? Check out a few more of the company’s most popular cities.




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