If the main reason you haven’t plastered your walls in wallpaper yet is because matching up lines and patterns is hard, we hear you. It is hard. But here to save you from all the cursing that can come along with precision is All the Fruits and their Cut + Paste line of wallpaper.

From a freshly opened online shop, you can buy wallpaper that’s meant to be hung as a collage rather than perfectly lined strips. And because the creators are determined to make your life easier, all the wallpaper arrives at your door pre-glued.

One of our favorite brand names of all time, All the Fruits was created by English illustrator Stephen Cheetham and Italian furniture designer Jessica Pinotti. Between the two of them, they’ve got some serious design chops. They’ve worked for the likes of Google, Nike and Wallpaper Magazine… fitting, eh?

The collections have been designed so that colors and patterns complement each other no matter how you decide to collage things. Not only does that make your life easier, but there’s less waste since no trimming is necessary.

Available in two collections, either Pink or Blue, Cut + Paste sports some of the best mix of hue-tiful pastel geometric patterns we’ve ever seen. It’s really more like wall art… or off-the-wall art, seeing as you can put the stuff on paper, fabric, wood and, of course, walls. And because of its good looks and versatility, the paper was named as some of the Best of Milan Design Week by Yatzer.

For about $210, you get around 30 feet of wall paper that can be collaged into the creation of your dreams. They’ll even create custom orders for you if you need to fit your personal style to a T.

There’s a whole lot more to come from this playful design duo. They plan to launch a full-on creative studio offering services in branding, 3D installations, and set design on top of homewares, textiles and stationary… which means all of our homes are about to get way more adorable once we add everything to our shopping cart.

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