There’s so much to love about autumn: gorgeously colored leaves, crisp mornings and PSLs. Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year also comes with one small (or not-so-small) caveat: torrential rainstorms. With everything from trendy rain boots to waterproof journals, there’s no shortage of rain-repellant gear. But Hedgehogs Products is on a mission to keep you even drier this fall with their new Kickstarter-funded umbrella that claims it will be the last umbrella you will ever buy.


The Cypress features a fully telescopic frame (which combines a traditional, collapsible stem with an innovative rib design) and an independent suspension system, which combats chaotic winds through a car-shock-like design. Basically, it’s made to last and engineer approved.


The fancy tech can only be topped by the Cypress umbrella’s style. This handy tool has 10 interchangeable canvases in a variety of patterns and colors. What does this mean for you? You can swap out your dirty, ripped or doesn’t-match-your-OOTD umbrella canvas whenever you please.


We hate trying to fit an expanded umbrella in a tiny case, especially when they end up leaking everywhere anyway. Hedgehog Products has fixed this problem with a deployable enclosure concealed within the handle. It’s like Inspector Gadget, only you can totally own it. If you’re ready to snag your own high-tech umbrella, pre-order one from Kickstarter for just $37 and say so long to those rainy-day blues.

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