When it’s raining outside, dressing for work can be a bummer. Wet feet make for grumpy girls, especially when it can take days to dry out your favorite flats. So let’s avoid it altogether with a pair of rain boots. Some good wellies will come in handy during those April showers. With all the cute boots to choose from, you’ll want several pairs in your closet. Check out these 11 gorgeous rain boots that will keep you dry and stylish. We call that a win-win.

classic red hunters

1. Classic Hunters ($148): These boots are everywhere, in every color, in every size. They may seem a little pricey, but it’ll be well worth it when they last for years of puddle jumping.


2. Fenton Rain Boots ($195): Three shiny gold buckles is all it takes to add a little interest to your look. And if it never ends up raining? Who cares! (image via Honestly WTF)

rain boot laces

3. Roadie Rain Boot ($46): You’re definitely going to want to add these polka-dotted beauties to your shoe collection. We’d wear them even in the sunshine.

metallic rain boots

4. Metallic Boots ($51): Good ol’ wellies in a metallic color? Color us so flipping excited.


5. Hunter Short Boots ($250): Before you get nervous about the price, think of it as an investment. Made from top-quality leather, these boots will be around so long, you’ll be able to pass them down to your daughter one day.


6. Berklean Rain Boot ($160): The classic gold buckle and tan fabric make these boots ones you’ll actually want to plan your outfit around. Do those clouds look dark to you?

dog printed wellies

7. Wellyprint Rain Boots ($70): Do you need some boots for chasing your dog around the muddy park? These babies are perfect.


8. Tally Rain Boot ($59): Just because it’s dark and gloomy outside doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. Add a pop of color and go jump in those puddles.


9. Rain Check Rain Boots ($78): Simple quilted stitching and a low heel make these a closet staple that will never go out of style.

hunter neon boots

10. Neon Original Hunters ($125): Like we said, these come in every size and color imaginable. It’s almost worth having a regular pair and booties like these.

leopard rain boots

11. Leopard Rain Boots ($60): Need some rain boots to wear into the office? Leopard print is always a good choice.

What is your rain boot style? Tell us in the comments below!

Additional reporting by Ashley Tyler