Signing up for yet another online account with yet another password wouldn’t be so bad if coming up with a “strong” password didn’t require at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, two numbers and a handful of symbols, ammirite? By the end, we’re left with something that’s so difficult to remember we end up answering security questions like, “Who was your first boyfriend?” (Like boyfriend boyfriend or like Leo-DiCaprio-circa-Romeo-and-Juliet boyfriend?) With Dashlane, you won’t have to worry about making unique passwords or remembering them.


Dashlane is an online password management application. It keeps all of your existing usernames and passwords in a highly protected vault. As for your future accounts (perhaps for Facebook at Work?), Dashlane can come up with a unique password that you’ll never need to memorize. When you need to log in, Dashlane will recognize the website and automatically fill in your password. If you’re on your phone, tablet or other device, you can log in just as easily thanks to the app.


Even for accounts with multiple password steps, like for your bank account or your locked, private online journal, Dashlane can help you create robust passwords to protect the important stuff while still allowing you to access them with ease. And if a super hacker somehow ends up breaking in, don’t worry, Dashlane immediately notifies you as soon as any one of your accounts has been breached. That way you can quickly create another password and stop the hacker from going any further.


The laptop app is completely free and can be downloaded via their website. If you want to download it onto your phone, Dashlane is available for free both iOS and Android as well.

Which password security question is your least fave? What are your thoughts about Dashlane?