The red carpet is the runway for leading celebrity makeup artists and stylists to showcase visions that often become the newest, hottest trends. It’s artists like myself that love to take these oft-intimidating looks, break them down and bridge the gap between the makeup pro and the gal that just wants to look like these A-list beauties! Here are three of the hottest makeup trends spotted on the who-knew-it’d-be-so-glam 2015 Tony Awards and tonight’s CMT Country Music Awards. Scroll through for the I-can’t-believe-they’re-THIS-easy hacks to take your everyday makeup to awards show level for your next night out.

How to Hack a Glowing Complexion


Actress Brittany Snow might be sporting a covetable hot pink lipstick at the CMTs but it’s her glowing skin that really has us jeal — the same reaction we had to French model Constance Jablonski’s natural, beachy radiance on the Tony’s red carpet. Luckily, the faux glow is a lot easier to achieve than you may think, even after you’ve already contoured your face: just use two tones of highlighter — one that’s deep and bronzey and one that’s light and pearlescent — to get glowing. (Photos via Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

Step 1: Go Golden


Start off by using a highlighter that has a golden bronze hue like Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam ($26). Place a few dots on and slightly towards the bottom of your cheekbones and at an angle on your temples, then blend in by stippling, or tapping your makeup brush over the product. You want to start with the golden hue just above where you already applied your bronzer so it gives your bronzer a kick.

Step 2: Lightly Luminize


Grab a more pearlescent highlighter like Benefit Cosmetics High Beam ($26) for next-level highlighting. Apply dots to create the sort of blueprint for where you will be blending. The dots should go directly above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, directly above the bow of your lip and slightly above the space between your eyebrows (your third eye area). Use a flat brush to do the same stippling motion to blend the product into the rest of your makeup. Once it is fully blended, you’ll notice that your skin now has a subtle gradient glow that goes from a golden shimmer to a pinkish pearl sheen, which lifts and brightens your entire face and leaves it with a flawless glow!


You can see the instant glowing effect here side by side!


How to Hack Fuller Lips Without Applying More Lipstick


Carrie Underwood’s got a glow-all-0ver look going on at the CMTs, but we’re zoning in on her glossy nude lips — a style that instantly pulls any look together. The same goes for Kendall Jenner’s rosy pucker, which is as shimmery as her bonkers sequined Tony’s gown. You definitely don’t need to run out to find a matching hue, or even by a gloss to swipe across your pucker. Instead, use that same pearlescent highlighter to give dimension to your lips. (Photos via Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

Step 1: Pop Of Pinkish Highlighter


Use a lipstick brush to apply a pearlescent highlighter to the bow of your lips and slightly above it as well as to the center of your lower lip. To blend, gently tap the brush over the highlighter until there are not solid lines of demarcation. This will make your lips look fuller because the lighter color gives the appearance that your mouth is lifted more than it actually is making them look more voluminous.


Can you see the difference or what?!?


How to Hack Extreme Smokey Eyes for a Daytime Look


We can talk about actress Aubrey Peeples’ CMT eyelashes for days, but look behind that flirty fringe and her smoldering smokey eye is just as worthy. The same goes for Amanda Seyfried’s smokey eyes at the Tony Awards — so effing dramatic. Achieve that level of va-va-voom by stepping up your daytime smokey eye with full brim black liner. (Photos via Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

Step 1: Line All Around


Use a black eyeliner to line from the inside upper corners to the outside corners and then meeting back on the lower inside corners of your eyes.

Step 2: Smudge The Line


Smudge out the line slightly by either using a small brush or just use the eyeliner to gently feather the line out a little to blend it into the shadow that you have on your lower lash line.


Instant drama!!


Just because we want stand-out, conversation-worthy features does not mean we need to overindulge in heavy, unnatural looking makeup! Sometimes it’s just a matter of mastering the smallest details to take our look to the next level.

What are your favorite game-changing makeup hacks? Share in the comments section below.

(Featured image via Jason Merritt/Getty)