There are self defense classes, pepper spray, a clean right hook and, now, Defender. There are many ways to keep yourself protected on a daily (and nightly) basis, but it seems that the Defender Smart Protection Device is truly the most amazing and effective of them all.

Defender works with both iPhone and Android devices, and serves as a form of self-protection when you鈥檙e out running, walking or simply getting from place to place each day. If you鈥檙e wondering how this smart little defense gadget could possibly be so effective, it鈥檚 actually quite simple (and flippin鈥 amazing!). Basically, you start by putting the Defender device in your purse or pocket. If you鈥檙e out running, for example, and someone compromises your safety, you pull it out and push a button for it to work its magic. Yes, we mean magic. Pushing the button on a Defender unleashes quite a fury. It takes a picture of the assailant while shining a bright light in his face, sounds an alarm, alerts authorities with your GPS location + the picture that was taken and dispenses pepper spray.

Defender鈥檚 24/7 monitoring team is able to notify police to be dispatched to your location, and they鈥檙e also able to provide them with the picture you took to help catch any suspects. That鈥檚 action. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and is small enough to fit in your pants or purse pocket without being too bulky or noticeable.

This product is in the final stages of its crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and has currently raised over 200% of its goal for finalizing production. Right now, $159 gets you the product, the app and one year of the 24/7 monitoring service, and $179 gets you the same gig PLUS a bump to the front of the line to receive yours before everyone else. This campaign will close on September 5, with Defender Smart Protection devices scheduled to begin shipping out in December.

Would you consider investing in Defender to keep you or someone you know safe? Tell us what you鈥檙e thinking after learning about it.

(h/t Uncrate)