We love Ellen and all, and Internet-shattering Twitter records are pretty cool, but we need to see another version of the Oscars selfie like we need another bottle of Mod Podge at Brit + Co. We just dug up two tubs and over a dozen jars of the sticky stuff in our supply closet renovation, so the point we’re trying to make is: enough with the Oscars selfies already. What we do need, besides things to decoupage clearly, is a new photo app to inspire our Instagram-ing. This week, StackMotion takes the title for Best Picture App in a Supporting Role on Our iPhone. Congratulations, StackMotion!

Channel your inner weather woman and open up a green screen anytime on your phone using the app, which lets you superimpose yourself into any other photo or video. Combine and filter panoramas, pictures and videos to make completely unique stills, slideshows and short, shareable films with added text or music.

One of my biggest social media pet peeves is when people use Instagram as their own personal Flickr. I know, I know, OCD much?! But when I open up Insta, I want to see the best, finely-filtered shot of your spring break, not a string of similar pics that would make for a better batch on Facebook. I’ll Like ‘em there, I promise! With StackMotion, you could completely revive ye’ old, boring vacation slideshow. It’s tempting to post every beautiful beach, sunset and landmark you stumble upon, but what about silhouetting your best bikini selfie onto each and setting them up like a slideshow in a 15-second video? Check out the lion video above to get inspired. You could totally be that lion!

We played around with Urturn this week when creating our own photobomb of Ellen’s selfie (#guilty) and it’s a lot of fun. We would still head there for the social aspect to see what pop culture pictures people are posting themselves into at the moment, but when it comes to our own Instagram, StackMotion is the app for our serious superimposing needs. Although it might be tempting to make a slideshow of us superimposed in Channing Tatum’s arms on the reg, we’ll try to keep it to a once a week minimum.

What’s YOUR favorite photo app right now? Share below and make sure you’re following us on Instagram: BritandCo!