Demi Lovato鈥檚 friends, fans, and peers took to social media to send their support to the singer after TMZ reported that she had been hospitalized due to a possible overdose on Tuesday, July 24. Lovato, 25, is now in stable condition, according to People magazine, but sentiments of love and well wishes continue to pour in from all over.

Kesha tweeted, 鈥淟ove u @ddlovato thinking of you + your family + fans + friends. praying for you and thinking of you.鈥

鈥淚 love @ddlovato so much,鈥 Ellen DeGeneres wrote. 鈥淚t breaks my heart that she is going through this. She is a light in this world, and I am sending my love to her and her family.鈥

Ariana Grande tweeted simply, 鈥渋 love u @ddlovato,鈥 while Queer Eye鈥榮 Jonathan Van Ness included a broken heart emoji with the message, 鈥減lease pull through.鈥

Country singer Brad Paisley praised Lovato as 鈥渙ne of the kindest, most talented people鈥 he鈥檚 ever met. 鈥淧raying for her right now, addiction is a terrifying disease,鈥 he wrote. 鈥淭here is no one more honest or brave than this woman.鈥

Fellow singer Lily Allen tweeted, 鈥淧oor beautiful spirit @ddlovato I hope she鈥檚 ok, and that she makes a full recovery soon.鈥

And Lili Reinhart wrote, 鈥淧raying for @ddlovato and her health. When I was 14, she was an idol to me in how she spoke so openly about mental health. And now she continues to inspire thousands of young men and women with her body positivity messages. Addiction and mental illness doesn鈥檛 discriminate.鈥

Paramedics reportedly responded to an emergency call at the 25-year-old鈥檚 home in the Hollywood Hills just before noon local time. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the singer was treated with Narcan before being taken to the hospital.

Lovato has been open about her struggles with addiction in the past. After entering treatment in 2011, she stayed in a sober living facility for more than a year. In March of this year, she celebrated six years of sobriety, but in June, she released a song called 鈥淪ober,鈥 in which she sings about relapsing.

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Our thoughts go out to her and her loved ones.

(photo via Jason Merritt/Getty Images)