It’s the most wonderful time of year… for Disney holiday food, that is! The resort, which is known for going all out in the seasonal treats department (you might recall the bevy of spooky treats, including the fantastically creepy Oogie Boogie popcorn, Disneyland released last month), is now unveiling its Christmas treat lineup to make all of your holiday wishes come true.

Following up on their hit pumpkin spice churros, the House of Mouse is now introducing a Christmas version with — wait for it — peppermint candy cane churros!

The fried dough treat is reportedly sprinkled with crushed-up pieces of candy cane, making for a drool-worthy snack that one fan described as “refreshing, minty, and yummy.”

According to Delish, while there are red churros currently being served at Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Lane with crème anglaise, they may or may not be the holiday churros in question, which are actually part of a secret menu listing.

Instead, as Instagram user @thehappiestfoodonearth clued us in, you can get the sweet Christmas-y treats for $5 a pop over at the churro cart next to Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Honestly, we’d search the whole park to find one of these bad boys — who’s with us?

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(Photo via @thehappiestfoodonearth + Mark Ashman/Getty)