Tree decorating season is HERE! And we’re ready. Rather than sticking with the usual ornaments on the tree and a star on top, we’re mixing it up and making our own tree decorations. Today we’re working with our friends at Michaels to create stylish paper garlands and monogram tree toppers. These are quick and easy, and there are so many possibilities for design and creativity — and that’s what we’re all about.

It’s all part of Michaels #TagATree campaign to make this holiday as merry as ever. Share a picture of your favorite holiday tree on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #TagATree. Then mention a friend, family member or anyone you’d like to share some joy with this holiday season. Follow along to see all the trees that are being tagged and shared by heading to #TagATree!

 colorful cardstock
FolkArt paint
paint pens
– canvas letter (available in store)

 – Scotch duct tape
– Scotch masking tape
Mod Podge
hole punches (in various shapes)
– string
wire cutters
– hot glue gun
– foam brushes


We love a holiday tree wrapped in garland. It really adds to the overall look when added to a group of ornaments and lights. These garlands are incredibly easy to make. You can whip one up in ten minutes!

First punch out a bunch of shapes.

Then switch up your color.

Once you have all of your pieces punched, cut a piece of string that’s long enough to wrap around your tree. Then lay out your pattern. Flip your shapes over, add hot glue and place the string on top. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to hang it up!

We made triangles, circles and squares! So cute!

Tree Toppers

We’re so excited about Michaels new Raw Bar! There are so many bare bones supplies to make into your own creations. Like these canvas letters, for example. You can paint them, draw on them and embellish them with all kinds of goodies. Today we’re turning letters into tree toppers. Here are three examples to give you some inspiration.

As you know, we are big fans of color blocking. Take a piece of masking tape and mark off a section of your letter. Paint one side and let it dry. Peel the paint and then add more masking tape to the other side. Paint the second side a different color. Once the paint dries, peel the tape.

For our second trick, we’re using paint pens to decorate the letter “M.”

We recommend drawing your design on paper first, and then lightly penciling in your creation on the canvas. Then grab a paint pen and make your art!

Our final letter is decorated with glitter.

Paint your letter (or leave it bare if you desire). Then add a layer of Mod Podge. Sprinkle your letter with glitter and let it dry. We faded our glitter as it moved up the letter, but you could cover the entire letter for maximum shine.

Now we need to turn this into a topper. All you need is some wire and duct tape.

Cut two pieces of wire after measuring them to the back side of the letter to make sure they fit. There should be a slight curve to account for the tree top that will slip between the wire and canvas. Tape them in place and you are set!

How are you going to decorate your tree this year? Fill us in below!

This post is a collaboration with Michaels.