17 Halloween Party Games Even Adults Will Love
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17 Halloween Party Games Even Adults Will Love

Game nights are the best nights, especially when they’re Halloween-themed game nights. If you’re getting ready to throw a properly spooky Halloween party, make sure you’ve got a few games to keep both the kiddos and grown ups completely entertained. Seriously, what’s more fun than sipping a blood-drenched cocktail while bowling down foam zombie heads and nomming on monster sushi? Scroll down for 17 fun and unique games that will make your Halloween party the most entertaining spookfest of the season.

1. DIY Foam Head Bowling: Pick up a pile of foam heads at your favorite craft store and get to work painting them. Green is a bright, fun color that’s still pretty spooky, but feel free to get as creative as you want with those faces. Zombies dripping in blood? Vampires covered in glitter? Let your imagination go wild. (via Happy Hour Projects)

2. DIY Costume Award Trophies: The best part about any Halloween party is the costumes, so make sure you reward everyone’s efforts with a proper award ceremony at the end of night. Shiny gold award trophies will make your Halloween parties that much more fun, so make sure you have plenty of awards to go around. (via Make It & Love It)

3. DIY Pumpkin Golf: If the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate with your party, turn your yard into a miniature golf set, complete with these gaping pumpkins. Having the party at night? Deck out each pumpkin with colorful LED string lights and paint the golf balls with glow-in-the-dark paint. (via Eighteen 25)

4. DIY Tabletop Halloween Cornhole: It might be too cold to play outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to retire the cornhole boards just yet. Get everyone involved playing a miniature, tabletop version, complete with pipe cleaner spiders and spooky webbing. (via Crafts Unleashed)

5. DIY Printable Halloween Game: You can use candy corn, mini pumpkins or anything you want to mark the spaces on the grid. Don’t be fooled — this game isn’t just for the kiddos… especially if you choose to use cheeky shots instead of candy to play the game. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

6. DIY Halloween Feel Boxes: Transform old tissue boxes into these scary feel boxes. You can get as scary as you want with the insides, although even the most mature grown ups will get a start when they put their hands into a box of monster eyeballs… er, peeled grapes. (via Basic Grey)

7. DIY Pin the Spider on the Web: This is a great game for the little ones, but it’s also a hit with the adults… especially if they’ve had a spooky cocktail or three. Spin a giant web onto your wall with washi tape or this printable, and get ready to watch your friends stumble around in an attempt to get that little spider smack-dab in the middle. (via Ella Claire)

8. DIY Halloween Bingo Printables: This printable is an easy way to prep for your party in a hurry. Make sure you have plenty of candy corn to go around, because you and your friends will want to play many, many rounds of this classic game. (via Crazy Little Projects)

9. DIY Pop Goes the Pumpkin Game: Doesn’t matter if you’re entertaining four-year-olds or forty-something-year-olds, everyone will get a kick out of this pumpkin balloon game. First, use the balloons as a rad photo backdrop. Then keep the camera rolling while guests take turns bursting the confetti- and candy-filled balloons. (via Martha Stewart)

10. DIY Candy Corn Jello Shots: Because the most important part of any party is the drinks, obviously. Whether you’re watching a spooky flick or going all out with a haunted house, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Halloween-themed jello shot. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Murder Mystery Dinner Party: This one might take a little bit of planning, but it’s so worth it. Once you’ve picked out your theme and decorated accordingly, it’s time to make the hints and clues and get ready for a night full of laughs and epic photoshoot opps. (via The Jungalow)

12. Maple Puffed Rice Snack: …AKA maggot balls! A Fear Factor dinner party featuring these edible maggot balls will definitely get a squeal or two out of your guests. This totally gross but completely edible dessert is a simple mix of rice cereal, but you can DIY a whole variety of Fear Factor-inspired “treats” like drinkable blood, jello worms or meringue bones. (via Create With Mom)

13. DIY Pumpkin Win It in a Minute Games: Give the classic minute-to-win-it game a festive makeover with pumpkin-themed challenges. This tutorial has eight fast-paced games that range from the candy corn stick-up to pumpkin seed pickup. Get your timers ready — the competition is about to get fierce. (via The Dating Divas)

14. DIY Skeleton Scavenger Hunt: Make this a timed challenge to get the adults really motivated. Hide dollar-store bones around the house and yard and see who can put theirs together the fastest. (via Happy Go Lucky)

15. DIY Printable Spooky Treat Bags: It’s not a party until the treat bags come out. This printable spooky bag is the easiest thing to make: Just print out the template onto velum or colored paper and pack them full of fun candy. (via Oh Happy Day)

16. DIY Mad Scientist Game: In this game, kids try to guess the contents of several spooky specimen jars. This “lab” is easy to put together using the free printables in this DIY. Add inexpensive test tubes full of mysterious green jello (or tasty shots for the adults) to bring the lab to life and then start brainstorming all the spooky bits you can put in the specimen jars. (via Honest to Nod)

17. DIY Printable Spooky Candy Poppers: Kick off the party with a bang and DIY these adorable candy poppers that double as the coolest party decor ever. Fill them up with plenty of goodies and little gift favors. (via Oh Happy Day)

What’s your favorite Halloween-themed game? If you’re starting to plan a spooky Halloween party, follow us on Pinterest for more decor ideas!