If you’ve ever been to a Halloween Party and felt like you were missing out when the kids‘ games began, we feel ya. That’s why we’re rounding up these awesome games that even adults can enjoy. (Don’t worry, many of them involve cocktails.) For your next monster mash, try out one (or a few) of these spook-tacularly fun games. They’ll definitely get the party started!

bone jenga

1. Stack the Bones ($25): There’s nothing quite as unnerving as a game of Jenga. Except when it’s bone-shaped Jenga.

mad lab specimen game

2. Mad Lab Specimen Guessing Game: Label your containers — or don’t. Either way, your guests will be freaked out trying to guess what they’re touching. (via Eighteen 25)


3. Game of Clue: Leave clues around the house for your guests to find. Whoever solves the mystery can even win a sweet surprise! (via Camille Styles)

apple bobbing

4. Apple Bobbing: This classic game never gets old. If you want to turn it up a notch, switch out the water for some white sangria. (via The Office Genie)

costume contest

5. Costume Contest: Here’s a fun way to encourage all your friends to dress up. The crazier, the better! (via Brit + Co)

donuts on a string

6. Donuts on a String: Your guests may have a hard time keeping their hands and mouths off this tasty snack. (via Style Me Pretty)

halloween bingo

7. Halloween Bingo: If you’d prefer something a little less demanding, why not try out a sit-down game of Halloween bingo? (via Studio DIY)

halloween charades

8. Halloween Charades: It’s almost impossible to not laugh when playing a game of charades. Choose topics from Halloween candies to scary movie monsters, and you’ll have your guests dying from laughter. (via Make Life Lovely)

horror movie trivia

9. Adult Halloween Drinking: Find horror movie trivia questions or write out your own to quiz your friends. For every wrong answer, guests will have to take a drink. Cheers! (via eHow)

mummy game

10. Mummy Wrap: Pair up into two-person teams and see which team can wrap their partner with the most toilet paper in 30 seconds. And that’s a wrap! (via Halloween Costume Ideas)

name that bone

11. Name That Bone: Test out your guests’ anatomical knowledge with this spine-chilling quiz. (via eHow)

nightmare before christmas operation game

12. Nightmare Before Christmas Operation ($24): If you love high-intensity board games, you’ll love this Halloween-themed game of Operation.

pumpkin carving contest

13. Pumpkin Carving Contest: Let your guests show off their carving skills with this fun craft. It can get a little messy, so we recommend working outdoors or laying down some newspaper. The best part? You can bake the pumpkin leftovers into some yummy pumpkin pie. (via Brit + Co)

pumpkin ring toss game

14. Pumpkin Ring Toss: Recycle the rings from your mason jar lids with an old-fashioned game of ring toss. (via Curly Crafty Mom)

scary movie drinking

15. Scary Movie Drinking Game: Put on your favorite horror film and lay down the rules: Every time a character gets killed off, drinks all around! (via eHow)

snake eye game

16. Snake Eyes: Your guests will have to put their memory to the test with this matching game. Fill up empty water bottles with surprise items and see whether your guests can remember where its matching pair is. Don’t forget to save up your used water bottles for this one. (via HGTV)

tarot card game

17. Tarot Cards ($40): Read your friends’ fortunes and impress them with your mystical set of skills. (You may want to brush up those skills with the guidebook though.)

washi web dance floor

18. Washi Web Dance Floor: Designate the space where your guests can get down using some good ol’ washi tape. (via Brit + Co)

How will you be getting down on Halloween? Let us know if you have any spooky games planned that we missed!