Warm up the grill because summer is here, and we’re ready to spend every day outside cookin’ up grilled skewers and burgers and sippin’ boozy slushies. Our stomachs are definitely ready for the barbecue, but our patio could use extra help after those winter months. Therefore, we’re bringing you quirky hamburger string lights to add to your backyard setup. They’re perfect for a 4th of July bash or simply chilling on warm summer nights.


Materials + Tools:

— ping pong balls

— Christmas lights

— brown spray paint

— yellow, green, red and white acrylic paint

— double-sided tape

— paint brush

— X-ACTO knife



1. Wrap the double-sided tape around the circumference of the ping pong ball. Then spray paint them brown.

2. Once dry, remove the tape and paint a ribbon of green, yellow and red paint.

3. Use the white paint to create seeds on the top of the “bun.”

4. Cut an X on the top of the ping pong ball and slide onto the strand of Christmas lights.


Use tape to mask out a band around the center of the ping pong ball. Spray paint the balls brown to create the top and bottom bun. Pro Tip: Spray painting on top of a plastic bag is where I went wrong. The paint peeled off and I needed to spray paint them three more times, which created uneven coats. The next time I do this project, I will do the last step first (cutting X’s in the ping pong balls), then use a skewer to hold them up while spray painting to get an even coat.


Use a skinny paint brush to paint on the layers of ketchup, mustard and lettuce.


Use white paint to create sesame seeds on top of your hamburger bun.


Cut an X onto the top of the ping pong ball and then slide onto the strand of string lights. Like I said earlier, I would suggest cutting the X first, sticking the balls onto a skewer and painting them that way. This will help keep your fingers cleaner as well ;)


Cute enough to eat!


Accompany your hamburger lights with some copycat burgers you can make at home for your friends.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre