Laundry may not be the most fun chore in the world, but, hey, somebody’s gotta do it. Somebody = you. And no one said you can’t add a little style to this task to make your life a little easier… or at least a lot more colorful! With that in mind, we’ve gathered up 20 of the best and brightest laundry bags to buy and DIY. Grab your quarters, kids!

1. Zigzag Over-the-Shoulder Laundry Bag ($34): This bright chevron bag is easy to carry, even when you’ve got a lot of clothes to wash.

2. DIY Ombre Laundry Bag: This hanging bag frees up space in your room and won’t wreck your decor. (via hello there home)

3. Anchor Laundry Bag ($34): A nautical bag is perfect for summer and will keep you dreaming of the water all year long.

4. DIY Polka Dot Bag: We’re loving the imperfect polka dots on this bag… it lets you add a touch of personality to the canvas material! (via DesignLoveFest)

5. Drawstring Laundry Bag ($58): This sweet and sophisticated print is a must for your laundry room. It’ll let you stop and smell the roses while you’re laundering away.

6. The Laundry Ninja: Got little ones running around? This water-resistant bag is a great way to deal with any necessary wardrobe changes on the go. (via Leigh Laurel Studios)

7. Ruffled Laundry Bag ($39): “No frills” isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes frills can make your life easier — the proof is in this chic bag.

8. DIY Ruffled Laundry Bag: Love the look of the ruffled bag above, but not the price? This tutorial will let you DIY your own version. We’d love to see this one attempted in different colors and patterns… we’re thinking ombre. (via Smashed Peas and Carrots)

9. Canvas Laundry Bag ($30): This color blocked tote looks more like a carry-all than a laundry bag, so it will look right at home in your space.

10. Laundry Bag With Printables: Keep your laundry separate and avoid any potential disasters by labeling it with these pretty printables. (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

11. Bike Laundry Bag ($34): This bag caters to the hipster in all of us. We’re loving the minimalist design.

12. Travel Drawstring Bag: A quick DIY is all you need to get the perfect bag for all your travels. No more messing with those plastic hotel bags to separate out your dirty clothes. (via A Spoonful of Sugar)

13. Novelty Laundry Bags ($6 each): Who doesn’t need a laugh while they’re doing laundry? These fun bags are inexpensive and durable.

14. Embroidery Hoop Hamper: A five minute DIY using materials you might already have on hand? This might just be the key to keeping those dirty clothes off the floor. (via Making Nice in the Midwest)

15. Travel Laundry Bag ($5 each): This compact bag won’t fill up your suitcase, but will let you pack your dirty undies away in style.

16. DIY Dry Cleaning Bag: Can you believe this bag was made with a spare sheet? Gotta love that kind of resourcefulness! (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

17. Easy Sort Laundry Bags ($49 for 3): Not only do these bags let you keep your clothes sorted, they also feature washing instructions just in case you need a refresher course.

18. Bunting Laundry Bag ($22): We’re huge fans of bunting, and this fuchsia pattern will make every laundry day a party.

19. Where It’s Atlas Laundry Bag ($10): Travel the world from the comfort of your laundry room. Warning: this beautiful bag may induce wanderlust. Although we’re not entirely sure that’s a bad thing ;)

20. Practice Conservation Laundry Bag ($39): And finally, be kind to the environment. Get a little reminder every time you do your laundry to save water and resources. Mother Earth will thank you.

How do you add a little flair to your daily chores? Let us know in the comments below!