Decorating the laundry room may not exactly have you jumping up and down with excitement, but the truth is, we spend an awful lot of time in that little room, and there is no reason it can’t be a pretty space! Decorating a laundry room is all about creating a comfortable and inviting zone in your home. Think light color schemes, convenient storage and good organization. Check out these gorgeous rooms for some inspiration on how to create a laundry room that will bring a little joy back into your daily routine.

1. Scandinavian Love: Clean and fresh is the name of the game. Simple Scandinavian aesthetics make for an elegant and functional room. (via From Scandinavia With Love)

2. Closet Laundry: A functional laundry room doesn’t have to be a huge space. By utilizing built-ins and vertical space, even a closet laundry can be gorgeous. (via My River Garden Home)

3. Clean Contemporary: Consider updating your appliances; modern washers and driers save on time and energy, giving you more time to do things you actually want to be doing. (via Planning and Building)

4. Behind Closed Doors: The laundry room isn’t a place where you want to display a lot of things, so stick to closed cabinetry over open shelving. (via Home Bunch)

5. Black and White: You want the color palette in the laundry room to reflect the style throughout the rest of your house, but also to have a little bit of fun. Creative accents like patterned wallpaper are perfect for hiding scuffed walls. (via Abbott Moon Design)

6. Brighten Up: If you don’t have much natural lighting in your laundry room, put in efficient lighting to keep the room as bright as possible. (via One Kin Design)

7. Tiled and Grouted: Ceramic tiles are perfect for laundry rooms because they stand up to wear and tear and are a breeze to clean. They come in a huge range of colors, so you can have fun with the backsplash design. (via Braam’s)

8. Potted Plants: Adding small decor items like plants is perfect for creating a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. Thanks to the wood paneling and tiled floor, this traditionally styled laundry room has a distinctive European flair. (via Style at Home)

9. Color Pop: We’re always a fan of an unexpected color accent, so if you are feeling daring, go all out with colored appliances for a fun, cheery room. (via One Kin Design)

10. Sorted Piles: Got little ones? Why not get them to help with the sorting by setting out clear guidelines on each basket, making your job just a little bit easier. (via One Kin Design)

11. White Chic: With a small space, a neutral color palette of gray and white gives a touch of sophistication and stacking the washer and dryer leaves room for a sink. (via Style at Home)

12. Nautical Stripes: You can almost hear the ocean from this coastal-inspired laundry room. The blue appliances are balanced by an all white decor for the perfect amount of beach charm. (via Style at Home)

13. All White: How elegant is this monochromatic laundry room? The subway tiles add a unique accent as does the industrial domed light fixture. (via Decorator’s Showcase)

14. Rustic Touches: The butcher block countertops give a decidedly country farmhouse feel to a laundry room. (via The Berry Group)

15. Be Creative: Because there isn’t a lot of counter space to spare, take advantage of your wall space to add decorative touches like bright paint or cute pictures. Think of your storage baskets as decor too and find pieces with color and texture. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Double Duty: There is no reason the laundry room can’t work double-time as a craft room, office or extra storage for your plethora of hobbies. (via California Closets)

17. Soft Tranquility: This dreamy laundry room almost looks like a spa with its soft color palette and feminine gold accents. (via HGTV)

18. Country Color: The rustic, cottage feel of green-painted cabinets is perfectly offset with rustic textures and bronze accent pieces. (via Red Clay Soul)

19. Mud Room Combo: If you’re combining the mud room with the laundry, make use of lots of built-in cabinets to store supplies, pet accessories and seasonal decorations for a room that is now your one-stop shop for getting chores done. (via Rock Paper Hammer)

20. Blue Glam: Talk about a glamorous laundry room. Sleek, minimalistic decor is the ideal complement for bold, blue appliances. Somehow the room looks both modern and vintage at the same time. (via Style Me Pretty)

Did any of these rooms inspire you to start a load of laundry? Let us know in the comments below!