Are you still frantically trying to figure out what you’re going to gift your girlfriends for Christmas without breaking the bank? Well, lucky for you we have a super simple (and cheap!) DIY up our sleeve inspired by the initial stud earrings from Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list. Not only will you be giving a gift gawked over by the Queen of TV herself, but by personalizing each stud set with your jewelry-obsessed besties’ initials and some color flare, you’re making these monogrammed earrings truly one-of-a-kind. They’re destined to be more than O’s favorite things.

DSC_0024 (1)


alphabet charms

– earring posts + backings

– paint (optional)


– scissors or wire cutters

– super glue

– tape (optional)

– paintbrush (optional)



1. Once you have picked out your letters, use your scissors or wire cutters to cut your earring backing to fit behind your letter charm. If your charms have a hoop on them, cut it off with wire cutters.

2. If you’d like to add some color to your letter charms, tape off the edges and paint the front of the letter with acrylic paint. Let completely dry.

3. Set the letter charms face down and super glue the posts to the back of the letter. Let the glue dry completely.


If you want to paint your charms, do that first. Tape off the sides so that you get a clean edge. Paint the face of the charm whatever color you fancy, then allow it to dry completely. Lay it face down on a flat surface, trim the earring backings so that they aren’t wider than your letter of choice. Then grab some super glue and stick those two together. Twiddle your fingers while you wait for the glue to cure, then tie up your hair and show those monogrammed earrings off. That’s it – quickest DIY ever!


We love how easy this project makes it to create a totally customized gift. Depending on who the bling is going to, you can switch up the letters to represent her initials, hers + his initials or even her mini’s initials.

DSC_0025 (1)

For a NYE spin on this project, tape off the sides of the letter, brush strong glue on the face and sprinkle glitter on top for a sparkly pop to your evening’s attire. Might we suggest investing in number charms to earring in 2015 with a 1 and a 5!


Are you gifting homemade jewelry this holiday? What did you make? Share with us in the comments.