Just in case you haven’t checked your Pinterest feed lately, concrete is totally chic. From planters to vases to pendant lights, the industrial material has made the bold leap from handyman staple to statement piece like that. We’re just as taken with the gray grit as the rest of ya, so we’re using it to make these ultra modern color block bangles. All you need to get the oversized arm party started is a silicone bracelet mold (you can find ‘em on Etsy for fairly cheap) and a generous dusting of the easy-to-use material.


– concrete (we used gray and white varieties)

– aluminum or copper wire

– paint


silicone bracelet mold
– masking tape

– sandpaper

– toothpick


1. Wrap your wire into a coil the size of bracelet mold and check that it fits.

2. Mix up your concrete in a small pot. Mix a little more than you think you’ll need. The concrete needs to be wet through, but able to keep its shape when you run an object (like a toothpick) through it.

3. Pour concrete into the mold to around the halfway mark. Stop pouring and place the wire coil into the mold. Then, continue to pour the concrete into the mold right up to the top.

4. Wait 48 hours (longer if you have the patience!) for the concrete to fully dry before removing it from mold. Carefully peel back the sides and ease out the bracelet.

5. Sand the edges of the bracelet smooth.

6. Section off just under half of the bracelet with masking tape and paint with your first color. Leave to dry.

7. Tape off a small section for your second color and paint again.

Start by twisting your wire into a coil that’s large enough to fit in your silicone bracelet mold (you’re gonna get SO much use out of that!). Remove your coil, then pour the concrete mix halfway up the mold. Toss your coil back in (this will help it maintain its structure), then fill the rest of the mold. Here’s the hard part: let it sit for at least 48 hours OR MORE! Then once it’s dry, carefully remove it from the mold. Re-u-nited hey, hey!

Smooth its edges with sand paper, then prepare to get your paint on! Get creative with this part — paint each side a different hue or take it a step further with a pattern like polka dots!

We stuck with what we know we like, and that’s bright color blocks. So we taped off the halfway points of our bracelet and chose two fab colors to feature.

Since bangles are better in pairs (obviously) we made two versions: one with gray concrete and one with white. They look dashing together — just the things we want decorating our wrists!

See? The mix of industrial materials and bright colors make these accessories ultra modern. Okay, okay, we’ll slip ’em on already!

Can you believe how easy this pair was to make? Patience was honestly the hardest part — and it was well worth it!

What other chic ways have you used concrete? Tell us in the comments below.