In a dream world, every kitchen has an unlimited ice cream machine, your wardrobe updates itself instantly for every season and you get paid to take a vacation. While we can’t guarantee those first two perks any time soon, we may have a life hack for the last part. Get ready: The US Virgin Islands are giving every visitor who steps ashore next year $300 to spend on their vacation. Yeah, you read that right.

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The program is a part of the islands’ centennial. To celebrate 100 years of being a US territory, visitors can get 300 bucks to spend exploring the island. But the bonus isn’t just a take-the-cash-and-run situation. It’s meant to help visitors get a sense of the islands’ culture, so it’s only redeemable on things like eco-tours, museum admissions, food tours or outdoorsy exploration (kayaking, hiking, climbing, etc.).

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To get your $300, book a three-night stay in either St. Croix, St. John or St. Thomas through the islands’ department of tourism here. Then they’ll send you vouchers you can use like cash at participating locations. Plus, if you happen to travel during the month of March — the actual centennial month — you’ll receive a free commemorative surprise gift. Score!

Now if you need us in 2017, we think you’ll know where to find us…

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