E! News correspondent Catt Sadler is an arbiter of style both in and outside the studio, and her new luxe-meets-laid-back living room reflects that. With the help of the designers at Laurel & Wolf, Sadler created a space that was elevated but functional that utilizes a mix of both mid-century and modern elements. The result was a room that was casual enough for family time, yet glam enough to reflect her high-profile style. Check out the full tour here, and then scroll down to see how to achieve the same light and airy look in your own home. Warning: We promise you’ll be left with some serious decorating #goals.

Cat Sadler Home 2

Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop wanted to develop a space that spoke true to her client’s relaxed personality. She chose to work with some of Sadler’s current items, like her contemporary credenza, paired with newer pieces for a room that’d be appropriate for cocktails on the couch with friends or family game-night.

cat sadler home 6

In terms of Sadler’s own style, she likes to keep accessorizing to a minimum, so Winthrop translated this tone into the room by working with a simplistic vibe. Other than the staple furniture pieces, you won’t find much clutter taking up this space.

Cat Sadler Home 5

Continuing the modern, minimalist trend, the designer selected gold and lucite pieces for any necessary accents. Coupled with Sadler’s neutral walls and flooring, this gave the area *all* the warm and inviting feels without the extra clutter.

cat sadler ho,,e 7

Despite the living room’s softer qualities, Winthrop inserted a few statement pieces in the area as well. Some of these included: a lively wall art piece, accented gold fur stools, a marble fireplace, and a reupholstered velvet lounger. The collection of items remained consistent with the room’s aesthetic, but ultimately kept it interesting enough to capture the attention of guests.

cat sadler home 4

For added intrigue on the other side of the room, a blush lounger was positioned against floor-to-ceiling windows. While it’s a welcome retreat on the rare day this leading lady has a moment to recline, Sadler claims she can’t keep her dog off of it (and we definitely don’t blame her).

cat sadler home 8

With its polished accents and distinct additions, the space has become more than just a place to rest her feet. Sadler’s living room has become the “social hub” of festivities or informal gatherings alike. We’ll stay tuned for our personal invite over.

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(Photos via Dustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf)