Need to show your neighborhood that you can get down with seasonal decorations? Prepare your mind because it’s about to be blown with the quickest DIY ever. You can dress up your windows in snowflakes made of hot glue! We Lived Happily Ever After was on to something when they made these, so we had to try it out ourselves! We know it’s Christmas, so if your kiddos have already torn through their gifts and need a little project to keep them busy, this is the perfect way to keep the holiday cheer going.


Materials and Tools:

  • hot glue gun + glue
  • snowflake stencils (we Googled snowflakes and printed our favorites out on regular paper)
  • tape (not pictured)
  • glitter (optional)


1. Cut around your stencil to condense the size of the paper and tape the stencil on the outside facing in.

2. Heat up your hot glue gun and glue along your stencil lines until the entire snowflake is finished. You’ll be gluing the other side of the window (inside your house!).

3. Remove your stencil and BAM — you’re done! Hot glue dries fairly quickly, so if you would like to pizzazz it up, sprinkle some glitter as you glue the snowflake while the glue is still hot. This will give a nice shimmer!



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Author: Anita Yung

DIY Production and Styling: Anita Yung

Photography: Tory Putnam