So you’ve been good about shopping for green beauty products and hunting down amazing eco-friendly gifts for your friends, but now that your baby is out in the world, you may be wondering what kind of impact all those diapers are making in landfills. Cloth diapering is a great option for reducing your baby’s carbon footprint, but it’s not always an easy choice while traveling with your baby. Luckily, eco-friendly disposable diapers have come a long way, and the options keep growing. Get your green on and check out this short list of diapers that are as good to your baby as they are to Mother Earth.

baby in diapers

1. Bambo Nature ($60 per 132-count case): These diapers get a crazy level of positive reviews for good reason. They are super absorbent, well-fitting and free of harsh chemicals and manufacturing. You won’t find chlorine, perfumes, brighteners or lotions in these diapers, which is especially good for babies with extra-sensitive skin.

2. Andy Pandy ($74 per 160-count case): Andy Pandy diapers are 100% biodegradable and are made from renewable bamboo. These diapers fit snuggly around big and small babies and even have a color-changing wetness indicator to help you detect wet diapers sooner. Like most diapers made from natural products, these are an excellent choice for little ones with particularly sensitive skin.

3. Babyganics ($62 per 160-count case): Easily available online and at big box stores, Babyganics is one of the more affordable organic diapering options available. These diapers are made with renewable plant-based materials and have amazing absorbency and leak protection. You won’t find chlorine, latex, fragrance, dyes or petroleum-based lotions in any Babyganics diaper, and they’re also made and tested with cruelty-free practices.

4. Honest Company ($80 monthly subscription of 204 diapers and four packages of wipes): You may have heard of the famous actress turned mogul who runs this operation. Honest Company offers a wide variety of the most adorable plant-based diapers you’ll ever see. Made responsibly without the use of chlorine or skin-irritating chemicals, these diapers provide a gentle and eco-friendly option for stylish but sensitive-skinned babies.

5. Seventh Generation ($46 per 135-count case): Seventh Generation diapers can be found online, in big box stores and in your local grocery store’s baby aisle. By far the easiest-to-find green baby product, these diapers provide a good value for parents looking to find an affordable option for green diaper products. Made without any lotions, fragrances or chlorine, these diapers are hypoallergenic and easy on the wallet.

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