PSL season is here, and Halloween is a holiday we celebrate all year. So grab one of those fall beverages and prep some costumes while sipping it.

While Halloween season (yes, season) only comes around once a year, reality TV is a constant throughout. Whether they鈥檙e a guilty pleasure or you revel in the pure over-the-topness of it all, you鈥檝e undoubtedly wanted to channel a Real Housewife or Survivor contestant at least once when contemplating Halloween costumes. This year, make it happen. Check out 20 reality shows that offer plenty of options in the costume inspo department below, then let us know who you鈥檒l be going as come October in the comments.

the real housewives of melbourne

1. The Real Housewives: This one is ideal as a group costume. Assemble your best gals 鈥 or frenemies 鈥 pick out fab dresses, pour a goblet of wine for each of you and take the town looking glamourous and not to be messed with. Then, as the night goes on and the drinks get poured back, bicker with one another and recreate iconic moments from the series that you more than likely have stocked up on your camera roll in GIF form for texting. (Photo via Bravo)

keeping up with the kardashians

2. Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Pick a K-name, any K-name, and get ready for plenty of selfies all night long. Complete the look by having your BFs trail you and your version of the Kardashian crew as cameramen and paparazzi. How else will you become the most-followed Instagrammers?! (Photo via Ryan Seacrest Productions)

survivor second chance cast

3. Survivor: Not *that* into dressing up? You鈥檙e gonna want to tell everyone you鈥檙e going as a castaway from this CBS island staple then. Put on a bathing suit or a tattered casual look and you鈥檙e basically done. Complete the look with your own DIY immunity idol and a buff with your tribe鈥檚 name and no one will say you slacked with your costume. (Photo via CBS)

the bachelor cast

4. The Bachelor + The Bachelorette: Single and ready to mingle on Halloween? You鈥檙e gonna want to go as one of the eligibles on this dramatic reality show. Put on your best dress, maybe get more than a little buzzed and carry around a rose (or several) to pass out to suitors throughout the night. (Photo via ABC)

shark tank investors

5. Shark Tank: Always wish you had the money of a big-time investor? For one night you can make that a reality. Dress up in your best business-professional attire and make people pitch you their ideas all night long. The drunker you get, the more entertaining they鈥檒l become. (Photo via Shark Tank Facebook)

big brother 15 cast

6. Big Brother: Looking to have a house party at your place without the need to leave? Take cues from this summer staple. Get into your best bathing suit, or just keep your comfy house clothes on, manipulate some of your friends to come over in similar attire and play mind games with one another until the sun comes up. (Photo via Cliff Lipson/CBS)

rupauls drag race season 6 cast

7. RuPaul鈥檚 Drag Race: Have your best guy friends take cues from their fave drag queens from the LOGO series. If you鈥檙e interested in an edgy look as well, go as a drag king and everyone will definitely be turning as they do death drops in their head to your dramatic outfit. (Photo via Mathu Andersen/Logo TV)

the voice

8. The Voice: Make people sing to you all night long, then judge them. Sounds like an entertaining night to say the least. Go the NBC music show route and DIY a red chair to turn around in or take the American Idol judge lane (do a throwback to an original judge in honor of the final season of the series), carry around a signature Coke cup all night long and offer up your thoughts on acapella tunes as you see fit. (Photo via The Voice Facebook)

americas next top model cycle 22

9. America鈥檚 Next Top Model: You could go Tyra. You could go as Andr茅 Leon Talley. You could even go as a contestant (you鈥檇 obviously win the competition for the evening). But whatever you do, you鈥檇 better SMIZE. (Photo via America鈥檚 Next Top Model Facebook)

dancing with the stars bethany mota

10. Dancing With the Stars: If you know the foxtrot, the tango, the cha-cha, etc. and you LOVE a gown you can twirl in, then this is the look for you. Grab a partner to dance with all night long and your fellow partygoers will more than likely be ready to hand over a mirrorball trophy to you two before the sun goes up. (Photo via Dancing With the Stars Facebook)

top chef

11. Top Chef: Though you totally could look fab and just eat food all night by going as Padma or Gail, why not go the more fun route as a contestant?! Find a fun chef鈥檚 coat (hat required), get creative in the kitchen and then have everyone judge your plates at that house party you鈥檙e attending. Fingers crossed you won鈥檛 have to pack your knives and go. (Photo via Bravo)

catfish nev max

12. Catfish: Feel like you鈥檝e gotten catfished? Have you catfished anyone? Just super infatuated with Nev Schulman? Visualize the show IRL by going as the catfish catcher or dress up as a catfish to be caught. THAT look will definitely provide some LOLs that might just lead to questions about figuring out if you actually are who you say you are, so be careful. (Photo via Catfish: The TV Show Facebook)

project runway

13. Project Runway: Make it work in an outfit that Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn would approve and wear. Or dress up as your fave designer 鈥 sketches and all 鈥 and slay all the Halloween costume competition. (Photo via Project Runway Facebook)

the amazing race cast

14. The Amazing Race: Wanting to go with an athleisure look for Halloween? Then this is the ultimate choice for you. Jump into gym clothes and sneakers, throw a backpack on top and pretend like you and your costume partner are racing all over the world finding clues and completing tasks while barhopping. (Photo via CBS)

rich kids of beverly hills

15. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: For this one, all you鈥檝e gotta do is pull that designer outfit out from the depths of your closet, take lots of selfies and stay on social media all night long. You could essentially do this from your bed and make it look like you鈥檙e having the time of your life. Why not try it out? It sure would be comfy ;) (Photo via Matthias Vriens-McGrath/E!)

real world cast

16. Real World: While this MTV classic has long worn out its welcome, that doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 throw it back to the glory days and bring an iconic character to life. If this housebound show wasn鈥檛 your fave, try out one of the network鈥檚 other shows, Road Rules, by hopping on a RV for the night and tackling challenges at every party you swing by. (Photo via Real World Facebook)

jersey shore

17. Jersey Shore: Fist pumps all night long are required! And so is dancing with a juicehead, a pouf hairstyle and a massive tan (spray or not). You鈥檙e gonna be in for an unforgettable night with this look. JK, you鈥檒l probably forget the entire evening after blacking out ;) (Photo via MTV)

the simple life

18. The Simple Life: This costume will have everyone shouting, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 hot!鈥 Mix your couture with some basic attire, keep a sarcastic yet airhead appearance throughout your Halloween visits and you鈥檙e sure to have a hilarious night. Especially if you start singing 鈥淪anasa.鈥 (Photo via Twentieth Century Fox Television)

laguna beach

19. Laguna Beach: If you don鈥檛 go as LC, are you even living your best Laguna Beach costume life?! Wear a tank, cut-up jeans and sandals and you鈥檒l be feeling like you鈥檙e an OC girl even if you don鈥檛 live in the SoCal city. Want to not feel like a high schooler for the evening? Then go for a look straight from the other shows in the Laguna Beach universe, The Hills or The City. (Photo via MTV)

toddlers and tiaras

20. Toddlers + Tiaras: You know you鈥檙e a pretty, pretty princess, so dress up like one (a tiny one) for an evening. Place a crown on your head, get your hair super voluminous and slip into the brightest, blingiest gown and you鈥檙e ready to be the belle of the ball. Just remember to have a go-to talent to present when someone asks you to perform it. (Photo via Toddlers + Tiaras Facebook)

Need even more inspo?! Dress up like the Supernanny, throw on a trucker hat to pull off Ashton Kutcher鈥檚 casual PUNK鈥檇 appearance or go rugged with a Running Wild With Bear Grylls-inspired look. Really, just scroll through your TV鈥檚 channel guide and you鈥檙e sure to find plenty of Halloween costume ideas courtesy of reality TV.

Will you be dressing up as a reality TV star this Halloween? Let us know which one(s) in the comments.