Talk about making a bold beauty statement! The Critics’ Choice Awards are upon us, and while our eyes are normally glued to all the eye-catching ensembles being worn down the blue carpet at the event, we couldn’t help but look North of the luxe satin cream gown Emma Roberts wore to her hair.

Gone was the Who We Are Now star’s one-length, chin-cut bob, replaced instead by a jaw-dropping set of blunt fringe that even Emma Watson new baby bangs couldn’t compete with!

The new style featured super straight-edge bangs cut right down the center of the 26-year-old’s forehead, all the better to see her bold, dark brows and soulful eyes.

With her most recent Instagram post hailing from two days prior, when she could still sweep her face-framing layers behind her ears, there’s no telling whether these are faux or the real deal, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it was the latter: Bangs are, after all, set to take over 2018, with everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jaimie King rocking the look as of late.

It’s a bold look, to be sure, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s definitely Roberts — work it, girl!

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(Photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty)