Emma Stone may be scheduled to play the epically nasty Cruella De Vil onscreen, but IRL she’s more about the love than the hate. Though she’s certainly no stranger to switching things up (e.g. three transformations in just one month), she may not excel at saying goodbye to a certain someone. Emma and Andrew Garfield’s on-again-off-again relationship may be, you guessed it, on again. That is, according to the buzz sparked by the fact that the duo have been spotted hanging out together in London. If the smiles on their faces say anything about the sitch, things are definitely friendly between these two.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Here are the dating deets for those not in the know: In April of 2015, Emma and Andrew announced their split after three years together. But it didn’t take long for the lovebirds to find their way back to each other. However, just when we thought things were fine and dandy, the actors announced in October that they were calling it off for a second time and that now, it was for good. *sniffle*

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

But wait! Though these exes may just be of the no-hard-feelings variety, the fact that Emma and Andrew have been spotted hanging out together and looking very happy while doing so has fans reacting accordingly.

Unfortunately, a source told People, “They’re definitely not dating.” Despite that, perhaps this is the road to a romantic reconciliation and rekindled relationship. We can only hope!

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(h/t Harper’s Bazaar; photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)