Tired of squeezing into tiny tables for meetings in your workspace? Well, this New York office boasts a table capable of seating 125 people, making collaboration easier than ever. Meet The Endless Table.

Created by architect Clive Wilkinson (who also infused some whimsy in the GooglePlex headquarters), this mega structure clocks in at 1,100 feet long.

Because of its continuous nature, the table forms seven archways and goes over the entrances for conference rooms and other areas in the space.

The endless table evolved from an earlier concept Wilkinson used for another company, an advertising firm in London, that requested larger continuous workspaces as its employee base grew.

The design was inspired by a racetrack Fiat had on a rooftop of one of its factories. While that racetrack was made of several inches of concrete – the table in the Barbarian Group’s office is constructed like a surfboard: out of plywood, with a top of medium-density fiberboard.

Accommodating a flexible workplace population and creating a sense of community by eliminating offices, this endless table runs through the entire 23,000 square-foot-office and has a pricetag of $300,000. This is truly one table to rule them all. (All images via The New York Times.)

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