Lately it seems like a lot of big businesses are taking better care of the women who work for them. From IBM shipping out breast milk from traveling mothers to the US Navy extending maternity leave there are moves being made to improve life for working women. While we have a loooong way to go towards gender equity in the workplace (ask Amanda Seyfried and other actresses who make way less than their male costars), Etsy just dropped some great news for creative women on their platform.

According to the Los Angeles Times, women only own one third of businesses in the US. On Etsy, that number is very different — women make up 86% of sellers on the site making them the clear majority. According to the article, these are predominantly young women (39 and under) some of whom did not have a business before Etsy. Also a huge number of these women (30%) use Etsy as their main source of income. The site is giving tons of creative women a platform to launch their products and express themselves (and now they can even crowd fund them too).

One of the reasons contributing to this huge number of women-owned businesses thriving on the website could be due to that fact that working online doesn’t adhere women to a typical 9 to 5 schedule. If their business lives online, one can be better able to balance other responsibilities with their work. Hopefully the rise of sites that encourage makers will also encourage more women to own their own businesses.

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(h/t Los Angeles Times)