Recently, the world has been hit with a wave of destructive natural disasters, including hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The latest, a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit near Mexico City, so far carries a death toll of over 200 people.

While the extent of the damage is still being determined, celebrities are bringing awareness to the severity of the situation while offering support to those affected.

The Backstreet Boys tweeted a photo of the Mexican flag while sending their best to those affected.

Cristela Alonzo, star of the ABC sitcom Christela, provided info on the local disaster relief group Brigada de Rescate Topos, for those looking to donate or help in other ways.

Fifth Harmony echoed the sentiments of many, tweeting simply that they are devastated by the disaster.

Meanwhile, celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Star Wars actor Diego Luna are among those concerned for family and friends in the area, and have been tweeting updates on their loved ones’ situations.

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal lost contact with his father in the area at one point, and took to Twitter to spread the word. Thankfully, he later gave an update saying that his father was safe and sound and that “in some zones there is no power, telephone connection, or cellphone reception.”

How I Met Your Mother‘s David Henrie shared Google’s person-finder tool in the hopes that it could help someone locate a missing loved one.

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(Photo via Rafael S. Fabres/Getty + Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Billboard)