We talked before about how a smartphone notebook would be our dream come true, but who knew it would come true so soon? One of our favorite digital organizers, Evernote, and one of our favorite analog notebooks, Moleskine, have teamed up to create the ultimate tool for all digitally-minded creative types: the Evernote Smart Notebook.

The notebooks come in two varieties: graph paper or ruled paper. These have the traditionally awesome aesthetics of a Moleskine, but are created using a special dotted paper pattern for use with Evernote’s recently launched Page Camera feature. This feature allows you to take pictures of your handwritten notes or hand drawn designs for easy digital access of your thoughts and drawings. The dotted paper allows the app to correct for the skew of the photo and even more easily recognize your handwriting.

Additionally, the notebook comes with smart stickers. You put a sticker on the appropriate page and when you snap a photo of it, it’s automatically organized according to your settings. You can use the pre-defined tags or change them based on what makes the most sense for your personal organization style.

This clever piece of tech allows you to embrace all the creativity-sparking tactile play of a traditional notebook, with all the organization and storage benefits that a digital device offers.

We love seeing Evernote, which is so accomplished in the digital realm, and Moleskine, which is basically an institution in the analog realm, bringing their expertise to this amazing crossover technology that maximizes both creativity and organization.

What technology is a must for your creative life? What companies do you want to see team up to bridge the digital-analog divide? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.