Let's see now. This week we kicked off our 4th of July Sweet Series, reinvented the art of the pop-up card, and showed you how to keep your smartphone battery powered up all day and all night. As always, we've had summer, color, and geekery on our minds. From a coloring book dedicated to Bill Murray to a clock powered by lemon juice, we hope you get a kick out of this week's Britlist!

Songs of Summer: We'll start things off by sharing NPR's totally incredible "Songs of Summer" playlist. This sweet collection of songs is a veritable collection of classic summer hits from 1962 to 2012. Favorite throwbacks include The Loco-Motion by Little Eva, I Get Around by the Beach Boys, and Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. And yes, Call Me Maybe made a spot in the duo of songs from 2012.

Lego Cake Mold: Let them build cake! This mold lets you bake a cake (or ten) in the form of a giant lego block. We love the idea of getting a little nutty with food coloring and making a dozen different blocks. Great for a kid's birthday or for an uber nerdy wedding cake.

Pantone Queen Color Wheel: That's right. Her Royal Highness is making it onto the BritList twice, and both times to celebrate her love of color. Pantone and ad agency Leo Burnett London have charted 6 decades of the Queen's style and created a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Color Wheel. Unfortunately, only 60 copies were made so we can't get our hands on it… yet. ;)

The Clock Clock: What looks like a run of the mill digital clock is actually 24 old school analog clocks assembled to create a gigantic digital clock. Wow.

Smartphone Notebook: First, yes this is only a concept but our fingers are crossed hoping this might become a reality in the near future. As folks who pride ourselves on cleverly combining digital with analog, this notebook is a dream come true.

Bill Murray Coloring Book: Not really sure where to begin with this one. Bill Murray has been a cinematic icon since the 80s. It only makes sense that a group of illustrators, artists and designers would put together a gorgeous coloring book dedicated to his peculiar visage. We recommend pre-ordering it for Caddyshack fans, Wes Anderson fanatics, and Ghostbusters alike.

Anna Gram Citrus Clock: Think science fair meets modern design. This Citrus Clock does just what it looks like – it runs on lemons. It uses the same principles of electrolysis that a conventional battery uses combining citric acid with zinc and copper. A standard lemon will run this clock for a week or longer. Not sure whether you have to reset it each time you change out your lemons, but we're definitely intrigued.

Sprinkles iPhone Case: We think our iPhones are so sweet that we made one out of chocolate! This sprinkles case is a simpler and far more practical take on giving your phone a sugary sweet candy shell.

Angry Birds Inflatable Beach Ball: Those weird green pigs will have NO idea what hit 'em when you come at them with this gigantic Angry Birds Beach Ball. We've officially deemed this a 2012 summer must-have.

People Project: And finally, a bit of art. Brooklyn based artist Patrick Moberg has resumed his People Project, where he creates a daily drawing of a person or character in his very specific lanky style. This one of Eddie Murphy definitely made us look – other favorites include Steve Jobs, Marty McFly, Dolly Parton, and Lucille Ball.

Stumbled across any bits of wit and delight we should check out? Leave us a note in the comments below or give us a shout on Twitter. Have a lovely weekend!