It’s a Friday miracle: Facebook now supports GIFs! Everyone’s favorite means of communication — aside from emoji, of course — are now easily shareable on the last known social media frontier they were banned from — and we couldn’t be happier. Let the endless GIF sharing begin!


Wired broke the news that after a long workaround period where only Giphy images were acceptable forms of the animated photos allowed on Facebook newsfeeds, that GIFs from all over the Internet can now be shared with all your friends to like and LOL over. And it’s suuuper simple. FB users just have to find their fave reaction shot from any site — like RealityTVGIFS, Tumblr, Hulu Perfect GIFs or even a Google image search — then copy the image’s link and paste it in their status bar. Then once the GIF loads, post away and it’s public, no image uploading required. Pro tip: Clean up that post by deleting the link once the image loads before pressing the post button, unless of course you want to give the GIF maker the credit they deserve.


While this support took longer than it should have — Twitter did give us the right to GIF last summer — and it’s only available for personal pages at the moment (sorry, businesses) this is a happy surprise to kick off the weekend. Thanks FB + happy GIFfing, y’all!

What will be your first GIF on Facebook? Let us know in the comments or post it on our Facebook wall ;)