Ever since GIFs came around, live tweeting, emailing and texting have become way more entertaining. What better to get your point across to your friends — or followers — than your favorite reaction shot or quote in action? To cut down on the endless Tumblr digging for *the* GIF to send to your pals, Hulu just launched a database that should make access to quality, fresh content way more efficient.


The streaming company just debuted its GIF-centric site, The Perfect GIF, that’s filled with more than 1,400 animated scenes from a variety of shows for our personal or shared enjoyment. This new database is packed with reactions ranging from OMG, LOL, WTF and more courtesy of shows found on Hulu like Scandal, Empire, Clarissa Explains It All, The Mindy Project and more. Since it’s powered by Tumblr, searching by show or reaction is easy. A strong GIF game is what the Internet is all about these days, right?

For those looking for a live GIF database to partner with live tweeting, that’s not what this is about, sadly. Hulu told TechCrunchit will add new GIFs to the site within ‘days or weeks’ after new episodes air, depending on the content, with more GIFs being added to the current selection of shows on a daily basis.” At least we’ve got other options 3


While there are perks to having more GIF outlets to send to our friends and coworkers, one thing we’re not loving is the overlay of #Hulu and the TV show’s logo on every single GIF. For now we’ll stick to our old (super) standbys (and suggest you do too!): Giphy, Reality TV GIFs or even DIYing your own with YouTube’s GIF tool + URL hack.

Will Hulu’s GIF site be your new go-to for animated images? Have one that we should know about? Let us know in the comments.