Drained from Coachella but gotta make it through a few days of work before you head back to the desert for weekend two? Have no fear, as we鈥檝e got your back when it comes to commute entertainment. This week you鈥檒l find everything from the best GIFs, a LOL-worthy web series, a podcast covering women in the startup world, 2015鈥檚 version of You鈥檝e Got Mail in book format AND the selfie app you didn鈥檛 know you needed. Yeah, your commute is looking a little full this week.

1. RealityTVGIFs: Friends always sending you GIFs from every single Bravo show but you don鈥檛 know where to actually DL them? Take the Countess LuAnn鈥檚 advice and 鈥淏e cool. Don鈥檛 be all like, uncool.鈥 Head to this site 鈥 created by social media stud T. Kyle MacMahon 鈥 to stock your camera roll up with GIFs featuring all the Real Housewives, Britney Spears + Mariah Carey, drag queens and more (hey, Lauren Conrad!) reacting to everything from laughing + crying to eyerolls + hairflips. Your texting game and email convos will be forever changed.

2. Pursuit of Sexiness: After a long hiatus, Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer return with their hysterical romantic hijinks in season two of their web series. Similar to the gals from Broad City, these real life funny lady BFFs know how to embarrass themselves while trying to get some romance in their lives 鈥 whether on a blind date or searching for love on Facebook. Like every girlfriend, they share in the embarrassment together and then indulge us with some laughing moments. Once you鈥檝e binged the first season and the first episode of season two, check out the similarly honest + funny web series Ackee + Saltfish.

3. Women Who Startup (Available on iTunes, SoundCloud + Stitcher): If you鈥檙e looking for a listen that is all about women in tech, this will hit the spot. Co-hosted by Lizelle Van Vuuren, WWS founder + CEO of Effectively, and cofounder + CEO of P2Binvestor Krista Morgan, this podcast celebrates, connects and empowers women who startup, women founders, women who code, women who tech and women entrepreneurs. With discussions ranging from legal issues for startups, cofounder conflicts, fundraising (including cold calls), the perceived environment for women entrepreneurs today and more, those interested in the topic will come out with a much better understanding on what Silicon Valley (and the startup world as a whole) think of women. Soak in these women 鈥 and their guest鈥檚 鈥 knowledge, people!

4. Read Bottom Up: A Novel聽by聽Neel Shah + Skye Chatham (Available on iBooks, Barnes + Noble, IndieBound, Google Play + Amazon): This is a love story for the digital age played out through email exchanges. Playing out like an updated You鈥檝e Got Mail in book format, this tale of romance unfolds via numerous email exchanges throughout between the authors and their friends (naturally). We鈥檙e pretty sure this book is more entertaining than your work email threads. (Photo via @NinaCosford)

5. Everyday ($1.99 on iOS): This relaunched selfie-taking app is filled with all your front-facing camera needs. Set reminders to take a snap every day and line up your face to match every other day鈥檚 positions. Then make a movie out of your headshots to see how much you have or haven鈥檛 changed. Wanna make multiple timelapses so you can see the evolution of a plant, dog or child? You can totally do that too. Send us the results in a year ;)

Will you be using any of these picks for your commute this week and beyond? Let us know in the comments or share your favorites with us on Twitter @britandco.