You’ve already swapped out your closet (goodbye bathing suits, hello cozy fall sweaters!), and now it’s time to get the rest of your house up to snuff for the season. Warm, rich tones, pumpkin everything and comforting textures give us a lot to be excited about. Whether your home decor GP involves lighting a scented candle or going all out with a total room makeover, here are 16 amazing ideas to try.

1. Warm Up Your Home With DIY Weavings: Whether for the wall or your feet, weavings are a great way to warm up your environment. Not only literally, but also visually. Another great reason to DIY your own wonderful weavings? You can choose the colors that best match with your unique place. (via Honestly WTF)

2. DIY Fall-Themed Candles: We’re suckers for scents, but we love that the candle holder itself is the feature of this little decor addition. (via Everyday Dishes and DIY)

3. Frame Autumn-Inspired Prints: Start getting in the mood by placing fall-themed sayings throughout your home to inspire you and your guests. We recommend printing out and framing one of these wonderful free designs. (via Ruffled Paper)

4. Cozy Up Under a (Colorful) Cover: It’s impossible to create a comfortable space without stocking up on blankets. Staying in, avoiding the cold and watching Netflix just isn’t the same without three layers of blankets on top of you and each of your friends. Try keeping with your fall theme by incorporating maroon or orange tones like with this Rizzy Home Cable Knit Throw ($59).

5. Sprinkle New Scents Throughout Your Home: Beyond candles, try switching out soaps, body products and lotions for an unexpected fall scent. It’s a sweet little surprise when you least expect it. We’re nuts over this Charcoal + Cedarwood Soap ($8) that will give any bathroom cozy campfire vibes.

6. Or Camouflage Your Trinkets: If you’re looking to really clean up your space, try hiding a few of your things mystery novel-style. No one will ever be able to tell the difference between what’s a must-read and what’s a secret compartment. (via Brit + Co)

7. Swap in Copper: Of course, copper is the perfect metal hue for fall. A simple way to add it to your home? Replace the airy plant baubles of summer with a sturdier, copper version like this angular DIY one. (via Brit + Co)

8. Add in Some Wood: When you want to up your neutrals game in a really fresh way, go for wood furnishings. This natural element is so versatile and comes in such a variety of stains and hues. It easily fits into any home or style while bringing in that bit of Mother Nature we will miss oh-so-much as it starts to get chilly outside. (via Brit + Co)

9. Add a Mirror to Make Rooms Feel Lighter and Brighter: It’s so hard to leave all the summer sunshine we’ve grown accustomed to these past few months. A simple solution to add a sense of lightness to your space? Prop up a giant mirror. Not only does this add an interesting focal point and make the room feel larger, but it’s also an idea for catching those last few rays (or bringing the sun to you with a coat of yellow paint). (via The Style Files)

10. Add in Some Next-Level Neutral Hues: With deep reds and coppers reigning supreme, make sure to balance those bold colors out with neutrals that still stand their ground, like this Wood + Copper Box ($32) that’s both earthy and chic.

11. String Up Colorful Lights: Up the cozy factor and create a magical ambiance simply by stringing up a few lights. We love these colorful yarn-looking ones by Acme Party Box Co. ($38), which fit perfectly with our autumn color palette.

12. Let Your Bling Take Center Stage: Just like spring, the start of fall ushers in a time of organization. Think differently this season by letting some of your most valuable (and shiny) items act as a pretty point of interest on your vanity or dresser. Seeing something so dainty and gorgeous sitting atop such a beautiful display is bound to make you smile even on the cloudiest of October days, especially because you’ll have DIYed it! grab this Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25) for your next long weekend.

13. Mix It Up With Non-Pumpkin Candle Scents: Though we’re not totally against pumpkin spice anything, we do think it’s worth mixing it up with unexpected fall aromas. We’re especially obsessed with soy candles like this one from Cedar + Sage ($28), which burns clean.

14. Use Texture to Add Warmth in Unexpected Places: Obviously texture is huge for the colder months, but have some fun with it! Add it to unexpected places, like with these DIY bowls, for an intriguing look. (via Brit + Co)

15. Bring the Outdoors Inside: Though concrete has been popping up in unexpected places all year long, we love the idea of bringing it inside for winter too. Though it’s a colder element, it’s a great way to balance all the new, warm colors and textures sprinkled throughout your home. We’re especially into this DIY concrete light, which is a nice combination of a warm and cold feeling. (via Brit + Co)

16. Mount Cabin-Inspired Elements: We’re not about to get all Great Outdoors on you, but there’s definitely something to be said for adding cabin vibes to your home during the fall. We love these DIY cardboard animal heads, for a fun pop of color and a modern take on a cabin mainstay. (via Brit + Co)

What’s the #1 thing you need to make your home feel like fall?