We know, we know. The words fanny and pack in such close succession probably make you squirm. But, the convenience of a purse that fits right on your hips is pretty tough to beat, especially when traveling, concerting, and generally dance-partying. So, throw your notions about a fanny pack to the wind and get ready to rock one of these two hip belted bags!

 – embroidery floss

– key chain

– piece of pleather

– purse with an adjustable strap

– clutch or large wallet

– belt

 – fabric scissors

– xacto knife

1. Belted Clutch or Wallet: For this one, you want a clutch or wallet that has a good amount of structure to it.

Turn your clutch or wallet around and measure where two loops should go according to your belt. Cut carefully with an xacto knife. This will like butt into the change purse section of the clutch, or a rear pocket. Be careful not to cut all the way through. Repeat so you have two loops.

Slide your belt right through and that’s it!

2. Turn a Purse into a Fanny Pack: You might be thinking, why would I turn a purse with a strap into a belted bag? It’s great for travel, concert-going, and even for a hike, plus it could be a clever way to revive an old purse you never use.

This one is a little more complicated, but it’s still pretty darn easy. First, snip off the strap of your purse. Cut off any excess material and loop a keychain with a clip on to one end. The adjustable strap component of the purse is pretty crucial for this one.

Next, cut three pieces of pleather that are slightly wider than your strap. These will act as loops.

Use embroidery floss in a contrasting color to stitch three loops onto the back of your purse. Again, this will likely butt into the back zip or pocket of your purse, but it won’t hurt any functionality.

Last, thread your strap into the loops, adjust to your size, and wear!

Which of these two fanny packs do you like best? Will you try making either of them? Talk to us in the comments below.