Somehow, fanny packs have managed to snag a spot in the world of music festivals. Cooler, modern-day versions have made this comeback easy to work with… and, dare we say, totally fun. That’s why we made this adorably kitschy watermelon fanny pack just in time for your next festival getaway. Inspired by the popular fruit prints of summer, this project will have your friends oohing and aahing as you dance the night away. A DIY that’s functional and fun? Count us in.


 — pink fabric

— brown bag paper

— round cork or plate (we used a 7-inch round)

— zipper (we used an 8-inch zipper)

— pink thread

— green fabric paints

— thick chain

— heavy-duty clasps

— black teardrop rhinestones

— strong craft glue

 — fabric scissors

— sewing machine

— pen

— foam paintbrush

— straight pins

— jewelry pliers


 1. Trace the round cork or plate on to brown bag paper. Cut out.

2. Cut the circle you just traced in half, straight through the middle. You just made yourself a pattern!

3. Cut out two segments of pink fabric using the patterns you just made, adding 1 inch around the sides. Set aside.

4. Cut out two rectangles measuring 3 inches x 2.5 inches each.

5. Fold in half lengthwise and pin. Then sew.

6. Turn the rectangles inside out, and set aside. These will become the loops that your chain will attach to.

7. Pin the zipper to one of the half circles, with the “right” sides facing each other. Sew.

8. Repeat with the second half circle.

9. Fold the two rectangles lengthwise and place them right below the zipper, in between the two layers of fabric. Pin in place.

10. Sew along the perimeter.

11. Turn your fanny pack right side out. Now, here’s the fun part! Paint two green stripes and glue on the teardrop rhinestones. Once dry, attach the chain to the clasps, hook onto the bag, and go!


The size of your finished fanny pack will depend on the item that you trace. For reference, we used a 7-inch cork trivet and an 8-inch zipper. This made a fanny pack measuring about 8 inches wide. We recommend picking up a zipper longer than you think you’ll need; you can always trim it down, but you can’t add to it!


The fabric loops make this pouch so easy to convert between fanny pack and zippered pouch. The chain + clasp combo can be made with some large clasps/hooks and a thick chain. Connect the chain to the clasps with jewelry pliers.


When pinning the fabric to the zipper, always double check that the “right” sides are facing each other. Take your time sewing everything together. You’ll want a neat, straight stitch to ensure the best-looking watermelon!


The rectangle loop handles will be sandwiched between the half circles. Make sure the raw edges of these handles are facing outwards, sitting just past the raw edge of the fabric. Again, when the fabric is pinned together, the “right” sides are facing each other.


We used two different shades of green fabric paint for the rind. Another alternative would be to use the darker green then mix it with some white to create a lighter shade.


We’re smitten over this one! Readers, what would you wear with a watermelon fanny pack? Let us know in the comments below!

(Styled photos by Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co.)