He鈥檚 the teller of tall tales, the master of the bad joke. That鈥檚 right 鈥 we鈥檙e talkin鈥 about the one and only, your dad. And as we celebrate a holiday filled with beer-inspired desserts , beertails and mass quantities of funny Father鈥檚 Day gifts , let鈥檚 take a moment to remember the real purpose of this holiday 鈥 to honor and celebrate fatherhood. Whether you鈥檙e a dad, child or dad-to-be, read on and gain some wisdom from these insightful quotes about being a parent. From Hollywood heroes like Russell Crowe to everyday people sharing their experiences, these eight quotes genuinely capture all the feels that go along with being the legend himself.


Don鈥檛 be fooled 鈥 no matter how much time passes, dads will always be a hero in their little one鈥檚 eyes.


Boys come and go, but the love between father and daughter is one that never fades.


Love is a two-way street, changing both child and parent in the most fantastic ways.


Leave it to Sesame Street鈥檚 Jim Henson to find ways to teach us new life lessons, even as adults.


Whether you鈥檙e just a child or parent yourself, your dad will always be the tallest man in the room (metaphorically speaking, of course).


Hollywood A-lister Russell Crowe never fails to make us swoon! Between the slammed doors and constant protests about the cleanliness of their rooms, let鈥檚 not forget that being a parent does come with many heartwarming perks ;)


Being present in your child鈥檚 life can be seriously exhausting, but it鈥檚 totally worth it!


The best fathers aren鈥檛 just leaders; they鈥檙e role models.

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