To say that we’re a wee bit obsessed with feathers here at Brit + Co. is an understatement. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your style, what about incorporating them into your home? We’ve rounded up the best use of feathers (with a strong emphasis on the mighty peacock) in home decor, from the floor-to-ceiling tiled bathroom extreme to the more subtle feathered lampshade.

1. Peacock Fabric Wall Decal ($50): Not only is this peacock decal super fun, it’s also eco-friendly and made with non-toxic, reusable materials.

2. Feather Chandelier: A dining room with a simple, white feathered chandelier shows us that feathers in the home can be refined, timeless and opulent at all the same time. (via Martha O’Hara Interiors)

3. Handmade Colored Paper Feather Light Shade ($72): While we’re on the topic of lighting, take a look at this absolutely gorgeous pendant.

4. Velvet Peacock Feather Pillowcase ($20): At $20 a pop, this is an inexpensive way to add a burst of glamour to a sitting area.

5. Oversized Feather Cutouts: To say we’re swooning over this nursery design would be an understatement. The best part? With some skill and access to a laser cutter, you could reproduce this for your own abode. (via Svoya Studio)

6. White Gold Peacock Wallpaper ($197): This is the wallpaper for you if you’re looking for something more abstract but still super glamorous. Not only do you get peacocks, but you also get a reflective surface.

7. Gigantic Feather Mural: Only the bold need apply. Simply put, this a giant graphic black and white feather that demands your attention in a room already filled with focal points. So punk rock. (via Form Los Angeles)

8. Feathered Lamp Shades: You’ll love these feathered bedside lamps if you believe good design is in the details. Add a touch of flair to any room with these show-stoppers. (via NF Interiors)

9. Wild Bird Feathers Pillowcase ($42): We love this pillow not just for its simplicity, but because it’s hand-painted.

10. Outdoor Swinging Chair ($300): This hanging chair makes us want to quit our day job so we can lounge by the pool all day while perched in our giant peacock swinging chair. There are even cup holders (yes, plural) for your drinks.

11. Gigantic Feathered Wallpaper in a Half Bath: Designed for a home set in the country, these gigantic feathers on an accent wall in a half bath take the small space from rustic to eclectic. (via Studio D)

12. Brass Peacock Side Table ($3,800): Brass is back in a major way, so why not create a statement with this fabulous brass peacock side table? Bonus: The solid brass peacock will patina over time.

13. Feather Cities Tea Towel ($18): Blending feathers with the architecture of cities, these handprinted and sewn tea towels are also printed on a US-grown organic cotton canvas.

14. Peacock Headboard ($499): It’s hard to pick just one thing to love from The Family Love Tree, a company that specializes in all things peacock-inspired. That said, their headboards are like no other. Above, the Queen Peacock Headboard is shown in natural, but you can pick from a variety of vibrant colors like apple green or fuchsia if you want something with a bit more pop.

15. Feathered Wall Decal ($28): In a rental or too scared to paint? A great solution is to install a colorful wall decal.

16. Lone Feather: Search Etsy for “feather pillowcase” and you get about a bazillion results. This, by far, is the best of the bunch if you’re looking for a basic and beautiful technicolor pillow.

Did we miss a way to glam up your home with your favorite feathered friend? Do tell in the comments!