UPDATE: By popular demand, Feather Earring Kits ($15) and readymade Feather Earrings ($20) are now available in the Brit + Co. shop!

Ever since creating our nifty neon envelopes, we’ve had neon duct tape on the mind. Should we make a hair wrap out of it? What about a Chevron cuff? Perhaps a box for Valentine’s chocolates? Well, when March came around with its hints of spring, SXSW tomfoolery, and neon theme, the answer was clear: Neon Duct Tape Feathers.


– neon duct tape (we used pink, orange, green and blue tie dye – tie dye duct tape totally exists!)

– 2 pairs of needle nose pliers

– scissors

– wire

– pencil

– an old pair of earrings for the hooks (or buy hooks at your local craft store)

First, fold 6 inches of tape back onto itself so you create a non-sticky piece of neon duct tape. Cut and repeat for as many feathers as you’d like to create.

To create your feather shape, sketch one directly on the tape or print out a photo or graphic of a feather, cut it out, and use it as a stencil on the duct tape.

For a feathery texture, cut tiny slits in the duct tape feather at a slight angle, similar to the back slash button on your keyboard. Do this on both sides and along the bottom.

Next, cut a few tiny triangle shapes out of the feather. Then, ruffle things up by holding each end of the feather and twisting a few times, until it has the look of a real feather.

So you’ve got your feathers. Now you need to attach them to earrings! Grab your wire and cut approximately 3” off to wrap around the stem of your feather. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, hold the wire in place as you wrap it around the top of the stem. Be sure to leave a small loop on the top – this is where you’ll attach your earring hook. Wind the wire back down to the bottom of the stem and pinch with your pliers to hide the pointy end of the wire.

Lastly, remove the hooks from a pair of tired earrings or from a couple strays who’ve lost their partner, and attach them to the wire loop at the top of each feather.

And poof! You’re part 80s, part boho chic and part ready-for-a-rave all at the same time!

We think these would look mighty fine on the streets of Austin this weekend for SXSW. Stay tuned for more Texas-Meets-Tech style tips tomorrow.