We may have said goodbye to Obama as the president, but it doesn’t look like the public is ready to let him go any time soon. While Trump’s presidency got off to a bumpy start social media-wise, Barack’s following on Twitter has surged so wildly that he’s set to overtake the world’s most followed celebs.


With over a million new followers (and counting) since he started using his @BarackObama account again, the now-former president is currently sitting at a wildly impressive 83.2 million followers on Twitter. Wowza! That not only now puts him in a tie for the third most followed person on the platform, it also puts him within striking distance of Twitter’s most followed stars.

Taylor Swift

He’s already matched Taylor Swift’s own 83.2 million followers and, if this momentum keeps up, has a good chance of overtaking Justin Bieber’s 91.4 million and Katy Perry (who sits at the top of the list), with her 95.5 million followers.

So even though he’s no longer in the White House, it looks like we’ll still be seeing plenty more from Obama. At least, if social media has anything to say about it!

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(h/t NYPost, photos via Pool + John Shearer/LP5/Getty)