Well, it’s happened. Donald Trump is America’s president and there have been many details to observe, from Kellyanne Conway’s inauguration day outfit to LIT celebrity reactions to the entire political sitch — but now peeps on social media have spotted something amiss. Trump has taken over for Obama on Twitter’s @POTUS account, and though we may have been given an avatar of Donald to stare back at us, in the moments following President Trump’s Twitter takeover there was also a joyous image of patriotic love added as the banner. The only thing is: That’s not love for Trump. It’s love for Obama. Yep, the pic of a crowd full of people is from Obama’s 2008 inauguration and Trump sorta just… reused it.

Trump inauguration

Though, technically, he’s able to use the pic if his team paid for it, that doesn’t change the fact that things are so seemingly dire at Trump’s own inauguration — at least, attendance-wise — that whoever’s behind the account couldn’t find an appropriate pic of the now-President’s own supporters.

In case you’re curious, here’s the original pic, taken back during Obama’s inauguration…

Obama inauguration

There’s no doubt that it’s the exact same pic Donald was using.

People all over Twitter noticed the familiar photo, of course, and the banner image has since been changed to one of a simple American flag. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see how much Trump ends up using @POTUS. For now, he’s still tweeting away on his notorious @realDonaldTrump account.

Here we go!

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(Photos via MANDEL NGAN + carterdayne/Getty)