Okay, so we know that hosting a first birthday party is way more for you than it is for her. Hey, she’d be happy to hang out with you and stack a few soft blocks. But you’re all about celebrating her big day with a fete that your friends and family will also enjoy. She only turns one once, after all! If the super babyish themes (think ducks, bunnies, or chicks wearing pastel bows) aren’t doing it for you, check out these fab party ideas for an unforgettable first birthday.

Rainbow Party

1. Rainbow Party: You’re not into baby blues or powdered pinks. Those muted pastels just aren’t your idea of first birthday party decor, so why not go with a rainbow theme instead. Design a colorific b-day bash that is bright and bold. Opt for a multi-hued drink set-up, and chop up a rainbow of veggies as part of your party buffet. (via One Little Project at a Time)

Sprinkle party

2. Super Sprinkles: Your little one is super sweet, so celebrate her with sweet treats such as sprinkle-covered cakes and cupcakes. And don’t stop there. Serve frothy drinks with sprinkles on top, and give the younger guests a treat with fairy sandwiches. Coat a slice of bread with cream cheese or jelly, and add colorful sprinkles on top. Use a shaped cookie cutter to create a “window” on another slice of bread. Sandwich the sprinkle-filled pieces together and you’ve got some pretty party fare. Toss confetti around the tables, and hand out confetti-filled party poppers. (via So Much Better With Age)

Unicorn theme

3. Unicorn Awesomeness: Unicorns are all the rage. From Starbuck’s buzz-worthy unicorn drink to the constant stream of unicorn poop cookies and cupcakes showing up on your Pinterest feed, it’s clear that these magical creatures are for kids of all ages. So, cater to your tiny tot and your adult guests with a unicorn-themed birthday event. Bring on the glitter, rainbows, and unicorns, unicorns, and more unicorns. (via Aww Sam)

First place

4. Amazing Race: A first place-themed party is kind of a no-brainer, right? Decorate the party with first place trophies, ribbons, and medals. Fill a trophy with gold coin candies, hand out awards to your guests, and get creative with award-winning cakes. The beauty of this bash is that you can tailor it to your own personal faves, whether it’s Grand Prix themed or inspired by a Hollywood awards show. (via Catch My Party)

Dr. Seuss

5. Book-Inspired Party: Your little literature lover may not be able to read the words yet, but she sure does enjoy the pictures. Celebrate her big day with a book-themed bash. Select a few reads that are childhood faves (Cat in the Hat or Winnie-the-Pooh), and let the inspiration flow. (via Good Life Eats)

Alice party

6. Alice in One-derland: Come on, you get the play on words here. Celebrate your baby’s wonderful first b-day with a Mad Hatter’s tea party. Go nuts with creativity here, and let your imagination run wild. Think oversized playing cards, a vivid backdrop, a cool game of croquet, and meringue mushrooms. These little details can make your kid’s wonderland come alive. (via Girl.Inspired)

7. Pizza Party: So your one-year-old isn’t into pizza yet… but you are. And so are your guests (especially your friends’ and family members’ kids who are coming to the bash). Decorate a smash cake to look like a pizza, bake pizza cookies, and have a DIY top-your-own-pizza bar that will make even the pickiest of eaters happy. (via Project Nursery)

rustic birthday

8. Rustic Party: Rustic doesn’t have to mean bare bones. Yes, it’s natural, woodsy, and anything but modern. It’s also artsy and imaginative. With a few whimsical blooms, some creatively placed twigs, and an old-school style, your baby’s first birthday party can be rustic fete with a dash of chic. (via Catch My Party)

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(Featured photo via Aww Sam)